Food, Glorious Food, Glorious Glorious Food

June 25, 2007

I love good food! (What dog doesn’t?) For some reason I don’t quite understand, people get really, really worked up about what dogs should and shouldn’t eat. In particular, lots of people tell me that dogs weren’t made to eat grain, especially corn. (Julie tells me this too, but I ignore her.) Here’s what I think –

Yogurt – yogurt is healthy (pretty much everyone agrees on this one.) It also keeps my ears from getting yucky! I’m a yogurt snob – I want pure fresh natural yogurt. Yogurt should only contain milk and active cultures – whole or low fat milk is best, but if non-fat is all you have, I’ll take it. Putting corn starch in yogurt ruins it, and it’s a waste of good corn! I expect yogurt on my kibble every morning – or if for some reason you are out of kibble, at least give me yogurt. If you are out of yogurt, I’ll take probiotic gel. Otherwise, I’m going to be grumpy and slow all day. Think of it as my morning cup of coffee and hand it over!

Kibble – I don’t care that dogs weren’t designed to eat kibble or grain. I like kibble, as long as it has corn in it. This is where corn belongs! Don’t try to feed me healthy kibble that is mostly meat and doesn’t have corn in it, I’ll go on a hunger strike (except for my yogurt.) Regular Science Diet tastes best with yogurt. Beyond the pieces that get yogurt on them, I want Prescription Diet T/D. Not only is it good for my teeth, it is super yummy! (Mike-the-cat and Ben-the-bunny try to steal my T/D too.)

Vegetables – Cabbage is my very, very favorite! Other veggies are good too. Did I mention that I like corn? I love veggies! I always beg for veggies.

Meat – Meat is good. My pawther and his friends give me meat off their plates. Yum! Once my pawther brought me a whole pig trotter from when the club where he works did a pig roast. Yummy! I hear they are going to do another one soon. I hope I get another pig trotter! But I still want my kibble.

Dairy Queen – Every once in a while I get vanilla soft serve from Dairy Queen. I wish I got Dairy Queen every day! It is so yummy! Julie says it’s not good for me – but she also says it’s not good for her and she always gets some too, so I’m just gonna keep eating it!

So, I’m not an expert on dog nutrition – but I’ve noticed that people don’t eat according to what people say is good people nutrition either – so I don’t know why I should have to eat according to what people say is good dog nutrition!

Oh, and treats. I love treats. All dogs should get lots of treats – especially Zukes. In fact, I haven’t had mine yet today – hey Julie, Rich, I want my hippie treats!

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Animal Survey (Officially for MySpace, but I blog here!)

June 25, 2007

Animal Survey (Survey for the Animals of Myspace)
About You…
what type of animal are you?dog
what breed?Cocker Spaniel (American or English? Not sure)
what color fur / feathers?Black and Tan
what color eyes?Brown
when is your birthday?You mean my barkday? December 20, 1999
how old are you?7
how much do you weigh?20-25 lbs
do you have any siblings?a cat Mike and a bunny Ben
do you have to wear silly clothes?they aren’t silly, they are WARM! (or cool in the summer)
do you enjoy wearing said silly clothes?Like I said, they aren’t silly. I love my sweaters when it is cold! I get grumpy if my pawrent make me take them off!
whats your favorite toy?The ball Julie knit for me
do you work Or go to work with your mommy / daddy?Yes, I’m a medical alert dog.
what color harness / collar and leash do you have?Red is my signature color, but I have collars in every color I can convince someone to get me! I love collars!
what color dinner dishes?Usually white with pictures on them
This / That
Petco / PetsmartBoth!
Iams / Science DietScience Diet – esp T/D I love toothy food!
tug of war / fetchtug of war!!!!
ocean / lakewhichever one I can stay on the beach
car ride / walkohhh, that’s SO hard, I don’t know!
dog park / playing alone with your familymy family!
your own doggy bed / mommy or daddys bedthe big bed we all share! (but sometimes I want to be in my own bed)
tv on / off when your mommy or daddy leave you alonedon’t care
pig ears / hoovesneither, but I got a whole pig trotter once! Wow! That’s yummy!
biscuits / bonestoothy food


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Two Years Ago Today

June 17, 2007

Julie adopted me from doggie jail (aka The Bonnie L Hayes Small Animal Shelter).  My life has changed so much!  Back then I hurt all the time and nobody loved me.  Now I have 2 wonderful pawrents, a kitty brother, a new bunny brother (I know, I haven’t talke about him yet, Julie has been hogging the computer),  a great job (I’m not happy without a job), hobbies, friends, yummy food, and all sorts of good stuff!  If only I didn’t itch so much from my healing cuts, life would be perfect!

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Back In The Stroller Again and New Training Stuff

June 17, 2007

Because the moles I had removed were all around my neck, I can’t wear a collar or a harness. It’s really weird being naked! I keep getting in trouble with Julie for scratching at the itchy healing spots too and Julie won’t let me out of her sight, ’cause she knows I’ll just scratch. (Maybe now she has an idea of how I worry about her when she gets out of my sight.)

At any rate, Julie wanted to go to Hillsboro because someone she knows from the Dog Scouts email list was going to be at a dog show there. I guess it was an AKC educational show. But she knew I’d scratch if she left me at home. Besides, she shouldn’t be without me for a whole afternoon – she can’t predict that she’ll be okay for that long! So, she took me and my stroller / dog wheelchair. It would have been better to walk, but at least in the stroller all the puppies ignored me!

I did get to get out of the stroller for a little while, they had a “confidence course” for dogs. The other dogs were going through on leash, but they said I could go off leash if I wouldn’t run away. At any rate, it was some agility stuff. They had jumps and 2 tunnels (I love the tunnels!) and an A-frame and a ladder. I’d never been on an A-frame before and I wasn’t very good at it… It’s kind of scary. I tried to cheat on the jumps too. But I had fun. They gave Julie a ribbon that says “I SHOWED MY DOG AT AN AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB EDUCATION MATCH.” I don’t know why I don’t get a ribbon, I did all the work. Julie says I can put it in my scrapbook, so I guess that’s okay.

We’ve actually been doing some agility stuff at home this week too. I thought we only had the tunnel that Jack and I played in last summer – which wore out. But it turns out that we also had a jump and something called weave poles. Julie got them out to give me something to do since I can’t go for walks. I knew about jumps, but I’d never seen weave poles before. All I can say is it’s a pretty fun way to earn treats! However, I’m not moving after I get through the weave poles until I get a treat! Julie says I’m going to have to learn to keep going, but I’m not so sure about that one!

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I had moles removed again.

June 13, 2007

I had moles removed again yesterday. Usually they just burn them off, but for some reason this time they cut one out and I have staples – something about it being stuck to the skin. I heard Julie and my vet talking about this, but I didn’t really know what they were talking about, only that they were awful interested in that one mole during my annual exam. I don’t know why – some of the others were really itchy, that one didn’t bother me at all. At any rate, pretty much all my moles are gone, especially the itchy ones and the ones on my neck they nicked last time I was at the groomer. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to wear a collar because it irritates the spots they removed the moles on my neck. I love collars and I usually wear at least 2, so it’s really weird not being able to wear a collar!

At any rate, Julie got some video of me earlier today and turned it into a post on one of her blogs to help humans learn dog body language and know when we are grumpy and when we are happy.

Check it out:Understanding Dog Body Language for a Well Behaved Dog: Is this a relaxed or stressed dog?

BTW, I like staples, they are cool, kinda like the earrings my humans wear.  I had one in my nose once and I was really bummed when they took it out.

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Sometimes Julie is Pretty Smart (Manditory Spay and Neuter)

June 2, 2007

As some of you may know, there is a law being considered in California that would require pets to be spayed or neutered by the age of 4 months –  AB 1634 “The California Healthy Pets Act”
(SIC).  I’m against it BTW, not that getting spayed wasn’t one of the best days of my life (No more puppies for me!!!!!)  But some bitches actually LIKE having puppies and if they have good people to help them make sure that not only do their puppies go to good homes, but if something happens they find new good homes, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Besides, 4 months is way too young for slow maturing breeds!  As you probably know, I’m a big fan of dogs being useful and humans have historically been really good at helping dogs find mates who have traits that will make puppies who are good workers, even taking us further than we could EVER walk.  (But most dogs should be spayed or neutered, if not immediately, then after a litter or two (if you are having really prime puppies, just think what they could do…  time to be a grandma!  Besides, puppies are tiring, we bitches need a break!)  At any rate, someone on myLot asked what we can do to solve the pet overpopulation problem without requiring spay and neuter and Julie had some pretty good ideas about what people can do that would be better – myLot – Challenge for Animal Lovers…  (she’s the respondent number 7, sorry I couldn’t link directly to it!)  Please check it out and throw in your ideas as well!!

Also, check out Impact of AB 1634 on Working Dogs

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I’m a spring chicken!

May 31, 2007

DogAge is 29.7!

Julie took the DogAge test for me and apparently I’m as young as I can be! Of course, that’s ’cause Julie takes good care of me and I absolutely adore brushing my teeth! Of course, I don’t necessarily agree with all of their assumptions about what is the most healthy way to live, but I guess since I still got good results, they can’t be too far off!

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Cool Service Dog Photo!

May 28, 2007

Great photo of some of my talented British collegues in the UK Metro.

Sometimes I wish I were an ESD

May 22, 2007

For those who aren’t familiar with ESD’s, they are Emotional Support Dogs.  They work with people with emotional disabilities and their whole job is to make their human partner feel emotionally strong and supported enough to be able to live a normal (or close to normal) life. 

Yesterday, Julie was in a lot of pain.  I had tasks I had to do for her, but I really would have liked to have just curled up next to Julie and comfort her, rather than do my tasks.  If I’d been an ESD, I would have been able to comfort her.  I know what I did was important too (and maybe more helpful), but I really wanted to comfort her!

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Barking! (and the less fun not barking.)

May 15, 2007

I’ve heard several dogs or owners asking about learning not to bark lately, so I decided that I should write something about this.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bark.  I’m only allowed to bark at home and only for a little while.  My people trained me (and with the neighbor’s permission are training the dogs next door who like to bark at me) not to bark by giving me treats and telling me what a good dog I am right when I’m about to bark and I’m not supposed to. And telling me “Too bad” and putting away the treats if I started barking. I used to get lots of treats that way!  Now I know not to bark most of the time and I have to do other things to get treats.  There are always new ways to earn treats in our house.  Of course, there is always my old favorite of looking pathetically at my Pawther when he’s eating and my partner is looking the other way.  It works really really good!  Yesterday I got to try something called “pad thai”  Yum!

It also helps if your people learn to tell you when it is okay to bark.  We have three signals for barking – one is “speak” (bark loud), one is “sing” (bark quieter), and one is “Where’s Rich?” when I do my special “RRRRch, RRRRch” bark for my pawther.  So, not only do I get to bark, sometimes I even get treats for it – and I always get praise or pats! 

If you have trouble with people coming to the door, your family might want to get someone to come and stand and the door and practice with you.  I hear that works really good so you can learn fast.  My favorite time to bark is when any other dog barks.  I really, really, really want to be the second dog to bark!  But I know better now (although when I’m taking a break at the dog park, sometimes I can’t help myself!)

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