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In which I actually post to my blog

June 11, 2009

Where are the smell buttons here? Oh right, there aren’t any, that’s why I haven’t been posting. I’ve been back in the world of words lately because my brother was stupid and ate stuff he shouldn’t, so he spent a couple days at the vet and a couple more here just sleeping, so I’ve been looking out for Juli, so I thought I’d check in.

As I said last year, I’ve lost almost all my hearing and I’ve got my minion Hero to take care of Juli, so I’m pretty much entirely retired. I don’t deal in words much any more. Mostly, I deal in scents. Ah, scents. If I want to communicate with a person, I go up to them and get their attention by painting on their arm or leg (without paint.) And then wait for them to either sign to me or do what I want or need (usually rub my belly!)

I mostly spend my time napping in my favorite places in the house, getting my family to rub my belly, and wandering around the yard sniffing things. Sometimes I sniff things in the house or on adventures with my family. I have some sort of growth in my pituitary and I’m taking herbs for it, and I feel great. I went to the vet for accupuncture a few weeks ago and he was struck by what a happy dog I am. He’s right. I’m about the happiest dog you’ll see – especially if you are rubbing my belly!

Ok, enough words. Leave me pee mail!

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My people DO still love me!

May 5, 2008

I’ve been really grumpy since a few weeks before Hero came to live with us, because I wasn’t hearing all the positive stuff I usually hear from my family.  I thought maybe they didn’t love me anymore or something.  Julie was suspicious that maybe I couldn’t hear, so on Saturday she took me to the vet, and it turns out that my ears aren’t working very well anymore.  So Julie’s been using hand signals with me 100% of the time since Saturday and it turns out, she really does think I’m a good girl!  I’m so much happier!

Lucky for me, at the advice of some people from Dog Scouts, Julie had already learned and taught me a click sign and some other signs (We’ve been working on the sign language badge for over a year, but she’s kinda slow.)

Our new favorite website is the ASL Browser, because Julie likes to talk to me.

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Back In The Stroller Again and New Training Stuff

June 17, 2007

Because the moles I had removed were all around my neck, I can’t wear a collar or a harness. It’s really weird being naked! I keep getting in trouble with Julie for scratching at the itchy healing spots too and Julie won’t let me out of her sight, ’cause she knows I’ll just scratch. (Maybe now she has an idea of how I worry about her when she gets out of my sight.)

At any rate, Julie wanted to go to Hillsboro because someone she knows from the Dog Scouts email list was going to be at a dog show there. I guess it was an AKC educational show. But she knew I’d scratch if she left me at home. Besides, she shouldn’t be without me for a whole afternoon – she can’t predict that she’ll be okay for that long! So, she took me and my stroller / dog wheelchair. It would have been better to walk, but at least in the stroller all the puppies ignored me!

I did get to get out of the stroller for a little while, they had a “confidence course” for dogs. The other dogs were going through on leash, but they said I could go off leash if I wouldn’t run away. At any rate, it was some agility stuff. They had jumps and 2 tunnels (I love the tunnels!) and an A-frame and a ladder. I’d never been on an A-frame before and I wasn’t very good at it… It’s kind of scary. I tried to cheat on the jumps too. But I had fun. They gave Julie a ribbon that says “I SHOWED MY DOG AT AN AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB EDUCATION MATCH.” I don’t know why I don’t get a ribbon, I did all the work. Julie says I can put it in my scrapbook, so I guess that’s okay.

We’ve actually been doing some agility stuff at home this week too. I thought we only had the tunnel that Jack and I played in last summer – which wore out. But it turns out that we also had a jump and something called weave poles. Julie got them out to give me something to do since I can’t go for walks. I knew about jumps, but I’d never seen weave poles before. All I can say is it’s a pretty fun way to earn treats! However, I’m not moving after I get through the weave poles until I get a treat! Julie says I’m going to have to learn to keep going, but I’m not so sure about that one!

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I had moles removed again.

June 13, 2007

I had moles removed again yesterday. Usually they just burn them off, but for some reason this time they cut one out and I have staples – something about it being stuck to the skin. I heard Julie and my vet talking about this, but I didn’t really know what they were talking about, only that they were awful interested in that one mole during my annual exam. I don’t know why – some of the others were really itchy, that one didn’t bother me at all. At any rate, pretty much all my moles are gone, especially the itchy ones and the ones on my neck they nicked last time I was at the groomer. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to wear a collar because it irritates the spots they removed the moles on my neck. I love collars and I usually wear at least 2, so it’s really weird not being able to wear a collar!

At any rate, Julie got some video of me earlier today and turned it into a post on one of her blogs to help humans learn dog body language and know when we are grumpy and when we are happy.

Check it out:Understanding Dog Body Language for a Well Behaved Dog: Is this a relaxed or stressed dog?

BTW, I like staples, they are cool, kinda like the earrings my humans wear.  I had one in my nose once and I was really bummed when they took it out.

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Doggie Dash!

May 9, 2007

On Saturday, I get to go to the Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash!  A walk and good sniffing – yippie!  Oh, and I’d love some donations – I have arthritis and had double knee surgery last year and I’m walking – that should be good for some extra donations folks! (Yeah, right, we all know I love walking, but still the humane society could definately use the money!)

We’ve been going for lots of good walks lately.  Today, we went to the vet, but it turned out we were only going in to get wormy pills (Yummy worm preventative, sadly I only get one a month because they taste really, really good!)  And then we immediately went to the dog park on the next block!  That’s what I call a good trip to the vet!  I have a great vet, but really, the dog park is MUCH better!

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My Vet was on TV

March 19, 2007

We were watching the news on Channel 8 and my wonderful vet, Dr Morgan of NW Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital, was on talking about what to watch for with the horrible Menu Foods Recall. Hearing about it actually makes me happy that my partner only lets Mike and I eat dry food! (Even when my teeth hurt, Julie usually just soaks my food with warm water.) To be fair to my pawrents – they do give us some human food too. Yum! I especially like meat and veggies!

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Jack the Bunny and Snow

January 17, 2007

Jack, my bunny brother, isn’t doing very well lately. A week ago last Monday, he couldn’t get up on his back legs. He didn’t seem too concerned just frustrated, but Julie and Rich were really worried. Julie and I took him in to see Dr Dahlquist, the bunny vet, on Tuesday. They spent a lot of time looking at him and trimmed off some of his muddy matted fur (he likes to roll in the mud.) They gave him some bunny NSAIDS (I guess it’s kind of like the Rimadyl I take when my arthritis bothers me) and said he had something wrong with his back. The vet suggested Julie take him to see Dr. Mary again, and if chiropractic didn’t help try something called acupuncture. Jack was feeling better after the NSAID kicked in. Then on Thursday we took him to see Dr. Mary. That helped – he was wobbly but he was actually walking not just hopping. Jack broke his leg before I knew him and he only walks on his good days, mostly he prefers to hop. It’s kind of like me, when my arthritis is bothering me, I like to run so I can use my back legs together, but when I don’t hurt I use my back legs separately. Of course, Jack is a bunny and hopping is their main way of getting around anyway.

Today though, Jack can’t use his back legs again. Julie called Dr Dahlquist and got Jack more NSAIDS, but it hasn’t helped as much, he’s still pretty much just dragging his back legs. I guess I’ll be finding out what this acupuncture stuff is, because Jack is really nervous in the car and at the vet, so it’s my job to go with him and be calm so he knows he has nothing to worry about. He was pretty nervous, but Julie says he is even more nervous when I’m not there!

The really sad thing is that Jack LOVES snow (silly bunny) and we got a very rare several inches of snow today and he can’t enjoy it. Speaking of snow, I hope we get to go back to the dog park soon, we were there Saturday and Sunday when there was also a little snow on the ground and I really like how the dog park smells with snow! It’s really the only good thing about snow. Actually, snow is better than rain, cause you don’t get as wet.