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Doggie Dash!

May 9, 2007

On Saturday, I get to go to the Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash!  A walk and good sniffing – yippie!  Oh, and I’d love some donations – I have arthritis and had double knee surgery last year and I’m walking – that should be good for some extra donations folks! (Yeah, right, we all know I love walking, but still the humane society could definately use the money!)

We’ve been going for lots of good walks lately.  Today, we went to the vet, but it turned out we were only going in to get wormy pills (Yummy worm preventative, sadly I only get one a month because they taste really, really good!)  And then we immediately went to the dog park on the next block!  That’s what I call a good trip to the vet!  I have a great vet, but really, the dog park is MUCH better!

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The summer of surgery is OVER!

September 28, 2006

Today I had my last appointment with Dr. Munjar at the Veterinary Referral Center of Portland!  It was my final recheck for my TPLO.  They were really nice to me and didn’t take me away from Julie for too long.  My legs are completely healed and my arthritis is stable!  I’m completely off exercise restrictions!  Dog Scout Texas Mini-Camp here I come! I did overhear Dr. Munjar and Julie talking about the fact that I am going to have another mole removal and tooth cleaning in early November (with Dr. Morgan, my regular vet.)  Oh well, at least this time I can cover up my ugly sores with a sweater.

This week classes started.  We are taking Modern Hebrew again, but it’s only 2 days a week instead of everyday and it’s at night, so I don’t have to get up so early in the morning!  I am NOT a morning dog!  Plus we are taking a class on Modern Middle Eastern History.  Julie and several other students sat on the floor with me today because there aren’t enough chairs!  That was cool even if I couldn’t play with her like I would at home. 

I get to go volkswalking!

July 22, 2006

Yesterday, after Hebrew class, we drove toward Julie’s mom’s house.  Instead of going to her house though, we went to a volkswalk start point.  I knew it was a volkswalk start point because they have a special smell.  I couldn’t believe we were really going to actually go on a walk!  Especially a volkswalk, which is nice and long.  We waited around for a while, and I started to figure that Julie was just teasing me or something.  Then Julie’s mom came and we got in her car and drove a little ways.  I still didn’t know what was going on, because Julie usually puts my pack on when we go volkswalking, but instead, she put on my floatation vest. 


We parked and started walking on the beach toward the water.  We stopped right away at what seemed like a volkswalk check point except they were missing the dog water bowl (I’d just had some water, so that was ok.)  Then we walked into the water – not far enough that I had to swim (I hate swimming!), but far enough that my vest helped lift me.  The cool water felt really good.  Julie let me run in the water!  And we walked down along the shore for a nice long time!  It was so great!  Apparently this was a volks-swim, not a volkswalk.  Either way, except for the one time where I had to swim a few strokes, it was fabulous!  I even felt good enough to try to chase birds.  I still feel good today – though I am really tired.  And Julie has to keep reminding me not to run – but for the first time since before I came to live with Julie, I’m able to run using both my back legs seperately and I need to practice!  (I’ve been using the 2 back legs together to reduce the strain for so long, I’m uncoordinated when I run normally.)

It’s been a good week in general, last week I was cleared to start short walks (up to 10 minutes), and Julie has been taking me to class without the stroller and letting me walk to class.  She’s been taking me on most of her errands too!

Plus to make it an even better weekend, when I got back from the coast today, I saw that Jack-the-Bunny had dug the plants out of my favorite dirt spot for me!

I can sit again!

June 23, 2006

I think I mentioned that I've been having trouble sitting gracefully since my surgery.  This afternoon, I decided to sit (I've just been lying down) and I could sit easily again!  I love my chiropractor!

Back to the Chiropractor!

June 23, 2006

Last night I actually got to go out!  I got to go to PetSmart (unlike regular stores, I'm allowed to sniff around at Petco and PetSmart.  Heavenly!) and two people stores.  I don't usually like to go shopping, but it was so good to be allowed to work!  (Plus, we didn't shop very long so I wouldn't have to walk much.)

Then today, I went to see Dr. Mandeville again.  She did some adjustments on my neck that she said were probably caused by my bad tooth and then adjusted the rest of my back again.  I felt great this morning anyway, but now I feel even better!  I'm not 100% though – it's hot out, and so I wanted to lay in my favorite patch of dirt and was disgusted to find grass growing there.  I tried to uproot it with my front paws, but I couldn't get it all, so I tried to use my rear paws, to kick it out, and it didn't feel right so I gave up.  Hopefully one of my humans or Jack-the-bunny will help me later.

I feel fabulous!

June 21, 2006

It's been a week and a day since I had my second TPLO and I feel great.  Julie and Rich keep having to remind me "No running!"  I'm not putting my full weight on the left rear foot all the time, and I do still lie down whenever I can (but I'm kinda lazy like that anyway!)  I am having a little trouble figuring out how to sit gracefully, but I'm working on it – besides, how graceful do I have to be?  I'm not a show dog.

Julie has been doing consulting work from home, and it's great.  We sit in the bedroom all morning, then in the afternoon we usually move out to the back porch.  When Julie works in an office, I have to stay under the desk and sometimes people don't like that I'm there, but at home, I can move around the room or nap in my favorite bed and on the porch I can move from the sunny spot to a shady spot whenever I get too warm or cool.  Of course, I never get far from Julie, because I have to make sure she's still okay.

Another Veterinary Appointment

June 16, 2006

Today I went to see my regular vet, Dr. Morgan, for my annual exam; I also got medicine for my ear infection (and I'm supposed to keep taking probiotics, yum!)  I was bad and nipped her when she was looking at the tooth below the sore spot on my gum.  Well, it hurt!  I was really good up until then – I let the tech take my temperature, I let Dr. Morgan look at my ears, I got my shot, I let her feel my leg, but even with the post-surgery narcotics, touching that part of my mouth really hurts!  I'm going to have it x-rayed week after next when I have my stitches taken out, and if it's rotten I'm going to have it taken out.  I hope they fix it, because it bothers me more than either of my legs!  Of course, when I first came to live with Julie, all my teeth hurt.  But Dr. Morgan fixed all my other ones already.

My legs feel really good (Julie says "too good" and keeps yelling at me for going up and down steps and running.)  I've figured out how to get up steps using only my right rear leg.  Dr. Morgan was surprised by how much muscle I have in my right leg (the one I had surgery on last month.)  I am still sleeping a lot though – well, I'm a dog, I always sleep a lot, but I've been sleeping more than usual ever since my first surgery.

This evening, Julie left me in the car at a neighborhood strip mall.  She came back a few minutes later with 2 ice cream cones, one for her and one for me!  I got a whole ice cream cone to myself!  And it was vanilla!

Feeling Great

June 15, 2006

It's only the second day after surgery, and I'm feeling great!  (Julie says too great and has threatened to take off the patch of pain medication.)  I'm putting a little weight on my fixed leg, and I'm using it to scratch – although I am being a little tentative in scratching.  I was even trying to run, but Julie stopped me.  What can I say, I'm a double south-paw, I can't not use one of my left feet! 

I even got to go out for dessert last night with my aunt Koda's pawents – of course, Julie carried me for all but about 8 steps.  But I still got to work!  I love to work, and I really hate it when Julie makes me take a break.  Best of all, Aunt Koda, who is a big useless lab that doesn't work, doesn't even know how to hunt, and is always playing around with balls even though I tell her not to, had to stay home.

 Julie thinks that she's tricking me into taking my antibiotics by dropping a spoonful of yogurt on the kitchen floor and then dropping my pill on top.  I just don't mind taking the pill and I LOVE YOGURT! Yum!

Back from Surgery

June 14, 2006

I had my second knee surgery yesterday at Veterinary Referral Center of Portland.  This surgery was better than the first one (which I had May 11th), because Julie already knew all about how to take care of me and didn’t have to meet with Dr. Munjar, so I got to come home first thing in the morning.  I still didn’t like being separated from Julie – what if she needs me!?!  Both times I had a TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) to correct Patellar Luxation, this time they did my left knee.  I’m getting around so much better than I could after my last surgery, now that I have three good legs.  (I know, I know, my right leg still needs to heal and I’m not supposed to be using it much, but it feels just fine to me!)  Another thing that’s better this time, I have my Ruffwear harness, so I can be lifted up and down from the bed and into the yard comfortably.  And, I heard Julie say that this time I have 2 extra days of Rimadyl – that’s good because last time when I ran out of Rimadyl, I had to take extra codine for 2 days, ’cause I hurt otherwise.  I don’t mind the codine (though the Rimadyl tastes better!), but I kept getting in trouble because it made me feel so good I forgot that I’m not allowed to jump off the bed or run down the hall… 

 I heard Julie and Keelie, the vet tech, talking and it turns out that my yucky right ear is called a yeast infection.  I don’t remember, but Keelie said that she cleaned my ear while I was anesthetized like Julie asked and even knocked out she could tell I didn’t like my ear being cleaned because my heart rate went up and I started panting.  Good to know I’m consistant – I hate it when I’m awake too!  But, I am really good and let Julie clean it anyway.  The good news is that Julie has a plan for taking care of my ear, and among other things it involves me eating lots of yogurt (I LOVE YOGURT!) and the yummy Probiocin (Lactobacilli) I stole from my Aunt Koda last weekend. 

I have to go now, Julie’s going to ice my knee again (feels SO good!), while take another nap.

Spa Day!

June 12, 2006

I have my second knee surgery tomorrow.  Julie said I had better get clean since I won't be up to bathing for a while afterwards.  Usually I have to have a bath in the laundry sink, and I hate it!  But today, Julie took me in the shower with her.  It was like a nice warm rain.  It was so much better than a bath!  I hope I never have to take a bath again!  I am definately a shower girl!  Plus unlike the laundry room, the bathroom has a heater.  Then Julie did the nails on my front feet with our new dremel tool.  It's not great, but at least it's fast!  Julie also trimmed the hair out from between my toes and cleaned my yucky ear.  (Being on antibiotics from my first surgery made my ear get all yucky!)  And I got a really good brushing!  A massage would be good though….