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Duct Tape

July 22, 2007

My partner is kind of a geek, so I get to go to things like SANS conferences, MCSE boot camp, and various technical meetings. So I pretty much have a grip on geek humor. However, I thought that when people said “You can fix anything with duct tape”, it was just a joke. Now though, I’m not so sure. A couple weeks ago, Julie mended my broken play agility tunnel with duct tape. (It’s a great tunnel – I love it SO much that it’s out in the yard all the time and I wore it out.)

Then, today, I had to go to the vet to have a fast growing wart looked at. First they decide that it will be okay if it’s just left alone until I need my teeth cleaned or something. Next thing I know though, Julie is asking Dr Morgan if it’s okay if she tries the newish human treatment of using Duct Tape to remove the wart. Dr Morgan hadn’t heard about it, but after talking to Julie about it, has decided that I can be a guinea pig. (How can I be a dog and a guinea pig at the same time? I don’t get humans.) BTW Don’t try this at home folks, I think Julie got more warning signs to look for than when I had my TPLO.

So, if Duct Tape can fix my tunnel and possibly fix a wart without my having to have them burned off, maybe it really can do anything!

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I had moles removed again.

June 13, 2007

I had moles removed again yesterday. Usually they just burn them off, but for some reason this time they cut one out and I have staples – something about it being stuck to the skin. I heard Julie and my vet talking about this, but I didn’t really know what they were talking about, only that they were awful interested in that one mole during my annual exam. I don’t know why – some of the others were really itchy, that one didn’t bother me at all. At any rate, pretty much all my moles are gone, especially the itchy ones and the ones on my neck they nicked last time I was at the groomer. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to wear a collar because it irritates the spots they removed the moles on my neck. I love collars and I usually wear at least 2, so it’s really weird not being able to wear a collar!

At any rate, Julie got some video of me earlier today and turned it into a post on one of her blogs to help humans learn dog body language and know when we are grumpy and when we are happy.

Check it out:Understanding Dog Body Language for a Well Behaved Dog: Is this a relaxed or stressed dog?

BTW, I like staples, they are cool, kinda like the earrings my humans wear.  I had one in my nose once and I was really bummed when they took it out.

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I have staples in my nose!!!

October 23, 2006

They make me feel like I need to sneeze a lot!   Mike says I look funny, but he’s a cat, so what does he know?   My half-weird nose hasn’t totally gone away, so Dr Maun decided I should have a biopsy so they can figure out exactly what it is.  My regular vet, Dr Morgan, did the surgery.  I also got all my itchy and secreating moles removed  again – yippee!  Northwest Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital is the best – they are really nice to me and listen to Julie’s suggestions about how I like to be held and stuff.  I almost always feel better when I leave or the next day.  I have to say, I feel completely fine now!  I was so hungry when I got home that I ate all my breakfast and Mike’s too before either Julie or Mike noticed! 

 I guess we find out on Wednesday or Thursday what really is wrong with my nose.  In the meantime, I have to keep taking the disgusting antibiotics – yuck!

Half-Weird Nose

October 4, 2006

Half my nose has been dry and crusty for almost 2 weeks.  (The other half is a normal wet dog nose.)  I keep having to get Julie to unclog it for me.  Unfortunately, she insists on using her fingers, not licking it out like a normal animal.  Anyway, Julie took me to the vet today.   We went to my regular vet clinic, but this time I saw Dr. Maun, who I hadn’t met yet.  Now I’ve seen all the vets there, I guess I’m collecting vets.  Dr. Maun is Jack-the-bunny’s vet – not that Julie ever makes him go.  Dr. Maun was nice, I don’t know why Jack is such a baby about going to the vet that he gets so nervous he gets sick. 

At any rate, I have antibiotics and cream for my nose.  The cream is already making my nose feel more normal.  The great thing about getting antibiotics is that I get them in yogurt – yum!  I also got extra copies of my rabies certificate and dropped off my health certificate for Dog Scout Camp.  Less than a month to go!!!

The summer of surgery is OVER!

September 28, 2006

Today I had my last appointment with Dr. Munjar at the Veterinary Referral Center of Portland!  It was my final recheck for my TPLO.  They were really nice to me and didn’t take me away from Julie for too long.  My legs are completely healed and my arthritis is stable!  I’m completely off exercise restrictions!  Dog Scout Texas Mini-Camp here I come! I did overhear Dr. Munjar and Julie talking about the fact that I am going to have another mole removal and tooth cleaning in early November (with Dr. Morgan, my regular vet.)  Oh well, at least this time I can cover up my ugly sores with a sweater.

This week classes started.  We are taking Modern Hebrew again, but it’s only 2 days a week instead of everyday and it’s at night, so I don’t have to get up so early in the morning!  I am NOT a morning dog!  Plus we are taking a class on Modern Middle Eastern History.  Julie and several other students sat on the floor with me today because there aren’t enough chairs!  That was cool even if I couldn’t play with her like I would at home. 

Tooth Brushing!

September 7, 2006

I love brushing my teeth!  It’s not fair that people can brush their teeth whenever they want, but I can’t get the toothpaste on my brush myself and have to wait for a human to decide to do it for me!  Julie finally got the video of me brushing my teeth (yes, by myself) on my Dogster page.  (Please come visit and leave me a bone!)

A Bad Three Weeks!

July 10, 2006

First, I thought Julie was letting me walk and work more, but it turned out to be a one time thing.  Darn!

Second, Julie has been REALLY busy working and going to summer school (we are learning Hebrew.)  She pretty much goes to class, works, and sleeps (plus way too many vet visits for me!)  Lucky for me, she says she’s almost done with the project she’s working on.

Third, the day before I was supposed to have my painful tooth taken care of, one of my moles started seeping some kind of goo, so the vet decided to take off a whole bunch of my moles. 

 Mole Removal

The vet says most dogs aren’t bothered by having moles burnt off, but I was bored, so I had to lick at them – A LOT!  The x-ray showed that my tooth was fine, which I thought was bad too, but then it started feeling better, so I think that when the chiropractor adjusted my neck, that took care of the real problem.

Fourth, I got sick.  I felt really nasty and didn’t want to eat or drink.  I did learn to throw up in a bowl, not on the carpet though!  I had to go to Dove Lewis and then my vet a bunch of times to get water put under my back because I wasn’t drinking a lot.  It made me feel a lot better though.

I started feeling better Sunday though.  Better than I’d felt since before my surgery.  I want to run and play!

Hippie Treats!!!

June 24, 2006

The UPS guy came this evening, and I figured it was just another book for Julie or something boring like that – but Julie told me to look as she opened the box.  And it was 5 big bags of my favorite treat – Zuke's Peanut Butter Hip Action – or as I call them Hippie Treats!  Five Bags!  That's better than my barkday and Christmas combined! 

The best thing about having Patellar Luxation, is that ever since the vet took x-rays and saw the arthritis in my knees, I get 2 Hippie Treats a day (I used to only get one.)  When I don't get at least one Hippie Treat a day, the arthritis in my knees really bothers me and I can't jump up on the bed or get in the car by myself.  When I get Hippie Treats, the arthritis doesn't bother me at all.  And they are so YUMMY!  I'll do almost anything for Hippie Treats.

Zuke's makes other yummy stuff too.  I like the Mini Naturals and Power Bones too.  And even the Beef Hippie Treats are yummy.  But Peanut Butter Hippie Treats are my very favorite!  I've even almost learned to say "treat" to get one – I just can't quite get that first T.

I can sit again!

June 23, 2006

I think I mentioned that I've been having trouble sitting gracefully since my surgery.  This afternoon, I decided to sit (I've just been lying down) and I could sit easily again!  I love my chiropractor!

Back to the Chiropractor!

June 23, 2006

Last night I actually got to go out!  I got to go to PetSmart (unlike regular stores, I'm allowed to sniff around at Petco and PetSmart.  Heavenly!) and two people stores.  I don't usually like to go shopping, but it was so good to be allowed to work!  (Plus, we didn't shop very long so I wouldn't have to walk much.)

Then today, I went to see Dr. Mandeville again.  She did some adjustments on my neck that she said were probably caused by my bad tooth and then adjusted the rest of my back again.  I felt great this morning anyway, but now I feel even better!  I'm not 100% though – it's hot out, and so I wanted to lay in my favorite patch of dirt and was disgusted to find grass growing there.  I tried to uproot it with my front paws, but I couldn't get it all, so I tried to use my rear paws, to kick it out, and it didn't feel right so I gave up.  Hopefully one of my humans or Jack-the-bunny will help me later.