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Food, Glorious Food, Glorious Glorious Food

June 25, 2007

I love good food! (What dog doesn’t?) For some reason I don’t quite understand, people get really, really worked up about what dogs should and shouldn’t eat. In particular, lots of people tell me that dogs weren’t made to eat grain, especially corn. (Julie tells me this too, but I ignore her.) Here’s what I think –

Yogurt – yogurt is healthy (pretty much everyone agrees on this one.) It also keeps my ears from getting yucky! I’m a yogurt snob – I want pure fresh natural yogurt. Yogurt should only contain milk and active cultures – whole or low fat milk is best, but if non-fat is all you have, I’ll take it. Putting corn starch in yogurt ruins it, and it’s a waste of good corn! I expect yogurt on my kibble every morning – or if for some reason you are out of kibble, at least give me yogurt. If you are out of yogurt, I’ll take probiotic gel. Otherwise, I’m going to be grumpy and slow all day. Think of it as my morning cup of coffee and hand it over!

Kibble – I don’t care that dogs weren’t designed to eat kibble or grain. I like kibble, as long as it has corn in it. This is where corn belongs! Don’t try to feed me healthy kibble that is mostly meat and doesn’t have corn in it, I’ll go on a hunger strike (except for my yogurt.) Regular Science Diet tastes best with yogurt. Beyond the pieces that get yogurt on them, I want Prescription Diet T/D. Not only is it good for my teeth, it is super yummy! (Mike-the-cat and Ben-the-bunny try to steal my T/D too.)

Vegetables – Cabbage is my very, very favorite! Other veggies are good too. Did I mention that I like corn? I love veggies! I always beg for veggies.

Meat – Meat is good. My pawther and his friends give me meat off their plates. Yum! Once my pawther brought me a whole pig trotter from when the club where he works did a pig roast. Yummy! I hear they are going to do another one soon. I hope I get another pig trotter! But I still want my kibble.

Dairy Queen – Every once in a while I get vanilla soft serve from Dairy Queen. I wish I got Dairy Queen every day! It is so yummy! Julie says it’s not good for me – but she also says it’s not good for her and she always gets some too, so I’m just gonna keep eating it!

So, I’m not an expert on dog nutrition – but I’ve noticed that people don’t eat according to what people say is good people nutrition either – so I don’t know why I should have to eat according to what people say is good dog nutrition!

Oh, and treats. I love treats. All dogs should get lots of treats – especially Zukes. In fact, I haven’t had mine yet today – hey Julie, Rich, I want my hippie treats!

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Animal Survey (Officially for MySpace, but I blog here!)

June 25, 2007

Animal Survey (Survey for the Animals of Myspace)
About You…
what type of animal are you?dog
what breed?Cocker Spaniel (American or English? Not sure)
what color fur / feathers?Black and Tan
what color eyes?Brown
when is your birthday?You mean my barkday? December 20, 1999
how old are you?7
how much do you weigh?20-25 lbs
do you have any siblings?a cat Mike and a bunny Ben
do you have to wear silly clothes?they aren’t silly, they are WARM! (or cool in the summer)
do you enjoy wearing said silly clothes?Like I said, they aren’t silly. I love my sweaters when it is cold! I get grumpy if my pawrent make me take them off!
whats your favorite toy?The ball Julie knit for me
do you work Or go to work with your mommy / daddy?Yes, I’m a medical alert dog.
what color harness / collar and leash do you have?Red is my signature color, but I have collars in every color I can convince someone to get me! I love collars!
what color dinner dishes?Usually white with pictures on them
This / That
Petco / PetsmartBoth!
Iams / Science DietScience Diet – esp T/D I love toothy food!
tug of war / fetchtug of war!!!!
ocean / lakewhichever one I can stay on the beach
car ride / walkohhh, that’s SO hard, I don’t know!
dog park / playing alone with your familymy family!
your own doggy bed / mommy or daddys bedthe big bed we all share! (but sometimes I want to be in my own bed)
tv on / off when your mommy or daddy leave you alonedon’t care
pig ears / hoovesneither, but I got a whole pig trotter once! Wow! That’s yummy!
biscuits / bonestoothy food


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Two Years Ago Today

June 17, 2007

Julie adopted me from doggie jail (aka The Bonnie L Hayes Small Animal Shelter).  My life has changed so much!  Back then I hurt all the time and nobody loved me.  Now I have 2 wonderful pawrents, a kitty brother, a new bunny brother (I know, I haven’t talke about him yet, Julie has been hogging the computer),  a great job (I’m not happy without a job), hobbies, friends, yummy food, and all sorts of good stuff!  If only I didn’t itch so much from my healing cuts, life would be perfect!

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My Vet was on TV

March 19, 2007

We were watching the news on Channel 8 and my wonderful vet, Dr Morgan of NW Neighborhood Veterinary Hospital, was on talking about what to watch for with the horrible Menu Foods Recall. Hearing about it actually makes me happy that my partner only lets Mike and I eat dry food! (Even when my teeth hurt, Julie usually just soaks my food with warm water.) To be fair to my pawrents – they do give us some human food too. Yum! I especially like meat and veggies!

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Hippie Treats!!!

June 24, 2006

The UPS guy came this evening, and I figured it was just another book for Julie or something boring like that – but Julie told me to look as she opened the box.  And it was 5 big bags of my favorite treat – Zuke's Peanut Butter Hip Action – or as I call them Hippie Treats!  Five Bags!  That's better than my barkday and Christmas combined! 

The best thing about having Patellar Luxation, is that ever since the vet took x-rays and saw the arthritis in my knees, I get 2 Hippie Treats a day (I used to only get one.)  When I don't get at least one Hippie Treat a day, the arthritis in my knees really bothers me and I can't jump up on the bed or get in the car by myself.  When I get Hippie Treats, the arthritis doesn't bother me at all.  And they are so YUMMY!  I'll do almost anything for Hippie Treats.

Zuke's makes other yummy stuff too.  I like the Mini Naturals and Power Bones too.  And even the Beef Hippie Treats are yummy.  But Peanut Butter Hippie Treats are my very favorite!  I've even almost learned to say "treat" to get one – I just can't quite get that first T.

Another Veterinary Appointment

June 16, 2006

Today I went to see my regular vet, Dr. Morgan, for my annual exam; I also got medicine for my ear infection (and I'm supposed to keep taking probiotics, yum!)  I was bad and nipped her when she was looking at the tooth below the sore spot on my gum.  Well, it hurt!  I was really good up until then – I let the tech take my temperature, I let Dr. Morgan look at my ears, I got my shot, I let her feel my leg, but even with the post-surgery narcotics, touching that part of my mouth really hurts!  I'm going to have it x-rayed week after next when I have my stitches taken out, and if it's rotten I'm going to have it taken out.  I hope they fix it, because it bothers me more than either of my legs!  Of course, when I first came to live with Julie, all my teeth hurt.  But Dr. Morgan fixed all my other ones already.

My legs feel really good (Julie says "too good" and keeps yelling at me for going up and down steps and running.)  I've figured out how to get up steps using only my right rear leg.  Dr. Morgan was surprised by how much muscle I have in my right leg (the one I had surgery on last month.)  I am still sleeping a lot though – well, I'm a dog, I always sleep a lot, but I've been sleeping more than usual ever since my first surgery.

This evening, Julie left me in the car at a neighborhood strip mall.  She came back a few minutes later with 2 ice cream cones, one for her and one for me!  I got a whole ice cream cone to myself!  And it was vanilla!

Back from Surgery

June 14, 2006

I had my second knee surgery yesterday at Veterinary Referral Center of Portland.  This surgery was better than the first one (which I had May 11th), because Julie already knew all about how to take care of me and didn’t have to meet with Dr. Munjar, so I got to come home first thing in the morning.  I still didn’t like being separated from Julie – what if she needs me!?!  Both times I had a TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) to correct Patellar Luxation, this time they did my left knee.  I’m getting around so much better than I could after my last surgery, now that I have three good legs.  (I know, I know, my right leg still needs to heal and I’m not supposed to be using it much, but it feels just fine to me!)  Another thing that’s better this time, I have my Ruffwear harness, so I can be lifted up and down from the bed and into the yard comfortably.  And, I heard Julie say that this time I have 2 extra days of Rimadyl – that’s good because last time when I ran out of Rimadyl, I had to take extra codine for 2 days, ’cause I hurt otherwise.  I don’t mind the codine (though the Rimadyl tastes better!), but I kept getting in trouble because it made me feel so good I forgot that I’m not allowed to jump off the bed or run down the hall… 

 I heard Julie and Keelie, the vet tech, talking and it turns out that my yucky right ear is called a yeast infection.  I don’t remember, but Keelie said that she cleaned my ear while I was anesthetized like Julie asked and even knocked out she could tell I didn’t like my ear being cleaned because my heart rate went up and I started panting.  Good to know I’m consistant – I hate it when I’m awake too!  But, I am really good and let Julie clean it anyway.  The good news is that Julie has a plan for taking care of my ear, and among other things it involves me eating lots of yogurt (I LOVE YOGURT!) and the yummy Probiocin (Lactobacilli) I stole from my Aunt Koda last weekend. 

I have to go now, Julie’s going to ice my knee again (feels SO good!), while take another nap.

A Really Great Day

June 11, 2006

Yum! Dairy Queen!

Friday night we went to visit Julie's mom, June, who lives at the coast.  On Saturday, I got to go run on the beach a little, even though the vet says I'm not supposed to be running yet!  And then on the way home, Julie stopped at Dairy Queen and gave me half of a VANILLA ice cream cone!  I didn't know what it was at first, but I figured it out!  I love vanilla!  It was so yummy!  Then we went to the farm and I got to run around the yard at the farm (though not like I got to before my surgery).  Finally, Julie took me to see Rich at work.  I'd really missed him!

Pig Trotters!

June 6, 2006

To thank me for my help on the luau, Rich brought me 2 of the pig's feet and a big meaty pig bone from the roasted pig.  I'd never eaten a bone before (I had really bad teeth when I came to live with Julie), but the roasted pig was so yummy that I stayed up late last night to eat a whole foot.  I've been working on the bone this afternoon, but I'm still kind of full from the foot.