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A Fairly Good Minion

March 9, 2008

I’d like to introduce my assistant, Hero. I wasn’t particularly enthused about him when Julie and I first picked him up, but Julie’s been telling me I need to prepare for retirement and she was actually right. Anyway, Hero came to live with us in mid-December and was pretty quick to learn to leave me alone when I tell him to (most of the time) and he picked up medic alerting from me in less than a month. I don’t even have to supervise him to make sure he’s doing it right anymore. I still reserve the right to try to kill him when he oversteps his bounds, and he’s still too much of an obnoxious playful puppy for my taste, but he does his job and I’m willing to occasionally leave him a scrap of food to show my approval.

I’m pretty much fully retired now because Juli says working was making me too grumpy. It’s true that I’m older than I admit and age is catching up with me. But I don’t see what’s wrong with being grumpy! On the other hand, even with acupuncture, chiropractic, glucosamine, and Rimadyl, I tend to hurt. Juli has given me a new job as the chief relaxer. It’s not a bad gig for an old cocker spaniel, I’m supposed to spend my time being a good example of relaxing for Juli. But I miss being with Juli all the time. Hero hasn’t learned public access skills yet and so Juli is out dogless a lot, which kind of makes me nervous because, well, we all know she’s not really capable of taking care of herself. She hasn’t poisoned herself with her migraine reversal meds yet though, so I guess it’s OK. Hero better quit being such a goofy adolescent dog and get to work on that public access stuff though!


I’m going to be in a book!

December 5, 2007

I just found out today that I’m going to be in a children’s book about Dog Scouts – Dog Scouts of America (Dog Heroes) by Shelly Bueche and Chris Puls! There is a picture of Julie and I working on rally obedience at this years Texas Mini-Camp on page 23. Plus lots and lots of my dog and human friends are in the book – including Chris Puls the author and Bear who is pictured on the front cover. The book talks about all the cool stuff we do in Dog Scouts – I can’t wait until it comes out!

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September 10, 2007

I finally found out what acupuncture is – and I’m not sure if I like it or not.  Jack was supposed to go for acupuncture (and me with him for moral support) back in January, but then he died instead.  Today I went for acupuncture. It turns out that acupuncture involves a really through physical exam, including lots of painful joint stretches and finding all the sore spots on my back without fixing them like the chiropractor does. Then, they got out these little things called needles that look more like Julie’s embroidery needles than pine needles – but then they pricked me with them like pine needles do. The one on my head felt a little weird but the other ones were unnoticable once they were in. Then I had to sit there for 15 minutes with the needles in me while the doctor and Julie talked about my arthritis and my treatment plan.  Julie pet me though, so it wasn’t bad.  And when it was done, the doctor pressed my sore spots and they barely hurt!  It’s like magic!  I’m tired though.  I have to go back next week, but they will only do the needles, not the exam – that sounds better.

Oh, it turns out that vet clinic is Ben’s old home!  And we got to meet the person who brought him in, ’cause she works there.  She was really excited to hear about him and told Julie all about his early days.  She’s known him since he was a born (he was one of several neglected rabbits at her neighbors) and still cares about him.  That’s really cool!

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New Water Bowl (Oh, Yeah and Dock Diving)

August 9, 2007

Today Julie took me to the Clark County Fair across the river in Washington. We went and watched some silly labs jumping into a swimming pool after their toys. It was a demonstration of something called Dock Dogs. Then Julie went and signed some papers and got a wristband (I think a wrist band may be like a human collar, but people don’t seem to wear them as much.) Next thing I know we are walking down to the pool ourselves for something called a training seminar. I like training, so I’m thinking this is pretty good. There were a few other dogs down there and when dogs were barking excitedly, Julie let me bark with them! (I love barking!) So I was having a great time until we went up on the deck, I guess they call it a dock, and I found out I was supposed to jump into the pool. Now I love jumping, but I really don’t like water (except to drink! I love drinking water!) Julie and the coaches finally tricked me into jumping in. No fair! I don’t like swimming! I had a hard time getting out because I tried to get out on the side of the exit ramp (it was closer to where I was.) They tried to get me to jump again, but I ran the other way and down the stairs. Julie came to get me and made me walk to the end of the dock again, but then I got to leave! Afterwards, Julie dried me off really well and put my sweater on (I always want to wear my sweater when I’m wet.)  Then we went and wandered around the fair. Parts of it were really boring, just like shopping, but there were some really cool scents and we walked around a lot. Plus, several people asked to pet me and Julie let them. I love meeting people! Best of all, the sponsors of the Dock Dogs event, Cricket Wireless were giving out water bowls with their name on them, so I have a new water bowl! I love water bowls, water is so yummy! Just don’t make me swim!

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Now the cat is getting involved!

July 7, 2007

This is just going too far! Tonight, my cat brother Mike was eating my food! As you’ll recall, the other night my pawther was eating out of my dish – at least he ate his own food. And my bunny brother, Ben, eats my food too – although he usually just eats the crumbs of toothy food I leave around. We had to take Mike to the vet today to get his stitches from his accident removed and he had gained weight from earlier in the week, even though he is on a diet. Julie was wondering why… then we caught him eating out of my bowl! No fair!

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My pawrents are really weird about bowls lately.

July 5, 2007

First, last night my pawther was eating out of my bowl! He did let me lick it clean though – boy was he eating yummy food. If he’s going to eat out of my bowl, he should eat whatever I leave (oh, wait, I usually lick my bowl clean, unlike him!) That was really weird though!

Then, this afternoon, Julie got out this HUGE plastic bowl. I mean HUGE – it’s like 3ft across and filled it with water. I love to drink water, so I thought that was fabulous! Then a couple hours later, she goes and sits in it! Talk about weird! I don’t understand why anyone would want to get wet anyway, but she said it felt really good.

What will they think of next?

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July 2, 2007

Cat in Hammock
Cat Nap II
by David McEnery

Get Yours

When Julie started talking about hammocks, at first I thought she was talking about “Ham Hocks” – which, in case you didn’t know is another word for pig trotters, so I was excited. Then she brought home a hammock stand and found a box in a spot I didn’t even know existed in the garage with a hammock. And I found out that it’s some sort of weird human furniture. Now all of a sudden, she’s always laying out in the back yard on the hammock. I just don’t get it. Why would anyone think that laying in something that sways around is relaxing? She’s wasting all sorts of good time that she could be lazing somewhere comfortable in the hammock. My pawther thinks I don’t like the hammock because my paws could fall through when I walk on it, but I have no problem walking on it. I just don’t like the way it sways. Plus, the way it wraps around you just isn’t very comfortable. When I do get in the hammock, Julie makes sure to make it a really great experience for me by giving me lots of pets and telling me how good I am. It’s just not worth it. Especially since I’ve figured out that I can lie under Julie and still sniff what is going on with her – then I only need jump up on the edge of the hammock if I need to alert her. Also, when Julie is in the hammock, there is a nice shady grassy spot underneath. I like shady grassy spots! But I still don’t understand why humans think hammocks are good things!

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Food, Glorious Food, Glorious Glorious Food

June 25, 2007

I love good food! (What dog doesn’t?) For some reason I don’t quite understand, people get really, really worked up about what dogs should and shouldn’t eat. In particular, lots of people tell me that dogs weren’t made to eat grain, especially corn. (Julie tells me this too, but I ignore her.) Here’s what I think –

Yogurt – yogurt is healthy (pretty much everyone agrees on this one.) It also keeps my ears from getting yucky! I’m a yogurt snob – I want pure fresh natural yogurt. Yogurt should only contain milk and active cultures – whole or low fat milk is best, but if non-fat is all you have, I’ll take it. Putting corn starch in yogurt ruins it, and it’s a waste of good corn! I expect yogurt on my kibble every morning – or if for some reason you are out of kibble, at least give me yogurt. If you are out of yogurt, I’ll take probiotic gel. Otherwise, I’m going to be grumpy and slow all day. Think of it as my morning cup of coffee and hand it over!

Kibble – I don’t care that dogs weren’t designed to eat kibble or grain. I like kibble, as long as it has corn in it. This is where corn belongs! Don’t try to feed me healthy kibble that is mostly meat and doesn’t have corn in it, I’ll go on a hunger strike (except for my yogurt.) Regular Science Diet tastes best with yogurt. Beyond the pieces that get yogurt on them, I want Prescription Diet T/D. Not only is it good for my teeth, it is super yummy! (Mike-the-cat and Ben-the-bunny try to steal my T/D too.)

Vegetables – Cabbage is my very, very favorite! Other veggies are good too. Did I mention that I like corn? I love veggies! I always beg for veggies.

Meat – Meat is good. My pawther and his friends give me meat off their plates. Yum! Once my pawther brought me a whole pig trotter from when the club where he works did a pig roast. Yummy! I hear they are going to do another one soon. I hope I get another pig trotter! But I still want my kibble.

Dairy Queen – Every once in a while I get vanilla soft serve from Dairy Queen. I wish I got Dairy Queen every day! It is so yummy! Julie says it’s not good for me – but she also says it’s not good for her and she always gets some too, so I’m just gonna keep eating it!

So, I’m not an expert on dog nutrition – but I’ve noticed that people don’t eat according to what people say is good people nutrition either – so I don’t know why I should have to eat according to what people say is good dog nutrition!

Oh, and treats. I love treats. All dogs should get lots of treats – especially Zukes. In fact, I haven’t had mine yet today – hey Julie, Rich, I want my hippie treats!

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Animal Survey (Officially for MySpace, but I blog here!)

June 25, 2007

Animal Survey (Survey for the Animals of Myspace)
About You…
what type of animal are you?dog
what breed?Cocker Spaniel (American or English? Not sure)
what color fur / feathers?Black and Tan
what color eyes?Brown
when is your birthday?You mean my barkday? December 20, 1999
how old are you?7
how much do you weigh?20-25 lbs
do you have any siblings?a cat Mike and a bunny Ben
do you have to wear silly clothes?they aren’t silly, they are WARM! (or cool in the summer)
do you enjoy wearing said silly clothes?Like I said, they aren’t silly. I love my sweaters when it is cold! I get grumpy if my pawrent make me take them off!
whats your favorite toy?The ball Julie knit for me
do you work Or go to work with your mommy / daddy?Yes, I’m a medical alert dog.
what color harness / collar and leash do you have?Red is my signature color, but I have collars in every color I can convince someone to get me! I love collars!
what color dinner dishes?Usually white with pictures on them
This / That
Petco / PetsmartBoth!
Iams / Science DietScience Diet – esp T/D I love toothy food!
tug of war / fetchtug of war!!!!
ocean / lakewhichever one I can stay on the beach
car ride / walkohhh, that’s SO hard, I don’t know!
dog park / playing alone with your familymy family!
your own doggy bed / mommy or daddys bedthe big bed we all share! (but sometimes I want to be in my own bed)
tv on / off when your mommy or daddy leave you alonedon’t care
pig ears / hoovesneither, but I got a whole pig trotter once! Wow! That’s yummy!
biscuits / bonestoothy food


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Two Years Ago Today

June 17, 2007

Julie adopted me from doggie jail (aka The Bonnie L Hayes Small Animal Shelter).  My life has changed so much!  Back then I hurt all the time and nobody loved me.  Now I have 2 wonderful pawrents, a kitty brother, a new bunny brother (I know, I haven’t talke about him yet, Julie has been hogging the computer),  a great job (I’m not happy without a job), hobbies, friends, yummy food, and all sorts of good stuff!  If only I didn’t itch so much from my healing cuts, life would be perfect!

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