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July 2, 2007

Cat in Hammock
Cat Nap II
by David McEnery

Get Yours

When Julie started talking about hammocks, at first I thought she was talking about “Ham Hocks” – which, in case you didn’t know is another word for pig trotters, so I was excited. Then she brought home a hammock stand and found a box in a spot I didn’t even know existed in the garage with a hammock. And I found out that it’s some sort of weird human furniture. Now all of a sudden, she’s always laying out in the back yard on the hammock. I just don’t get it. Why would anyone think that laying in something that sways around is relaxing? She’s wasting all sorts of good time that she could be lazing somewhere comfortable in the hammock. My pawther thinks I don’t like the hammock because my paws could fall through when I walk on it, but I have no problem walking on it. I just don’t like the way it sways. Plus, the way it wraps around you just isn’t very comfortable. When I do get in the hammock, Julie makes sure to make it a really great experience for me by giving me lots of pets and telling me how good I am. It’s just not worth it. Especially since I’ve figured out that I can lie under Julie and still sniff what is going on with her – then I only need jump up on the edge of the hammock if I need to alert her. Also, when Julie is in the hammock, there is a nice shady grassy spot underneath. I like shady grassy spots! But I still don’t understand why humans think hammocks are good things!

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Food, Glorious Food, Glorious Glorious Food

June 25, 2007

I love good food! (What dog doesn’t?) For some reason I don’t quite understand, people get really, really worked up about what dogs should and shouldn’t eat. In particular, lots of people tell me that dogs weren’t made to eat grain, especially corn. (Julie tells me this too, but I ignore her.) Here’s what I think –

Yogurt – yogurt is healthy (pretty much everyone agrees on this one.) It also keeps my ears from getting yucky! I’m a yogurt snob – I want pure fresh natural yogurt. Yogurt should only contain milk and active cultures – whole or low fat milk is best, but if non-fat is all you have, I’ll take it. Putting corn starch in yogurt ruins it, and it’s a waste of good corn! I expect yogurt on my kibble every morning – or if for some reason you are out of kibble, at least give me yogurt. If you are out of yogurt, I’ll take probiotic gel. Otherwise, I’m going to be grumpy and slow all day. Think of it as my morning cup of coffee and hand it over!

Kibble – I don’t care that dogs weren’t designed to eat kibble or grain. I like kibble, as long as it has corn in it. This is where corn belongs! Don’t try to feed me healthy kibble that is mostly meat and doesn’t have corn in it, I’ll go on a hunger strike (except for my yogurt.) Regular Science Diet tastes best with yogurt. Beyond the pieces that get yogurt on them, I want Prescription Diet T/D. Not only is it good for my teeth, it is super yummy! (Mike-the-cat and Ben-the-bunny try to steal my T/D too.)

Vegetables – Cabbage is my very, very favorite! Other veggies are good too. Did I mention that I like corn? I love veggies! I always beg for veggies.

Meat – Meat is good. My pawther and his friends give me meat off their plates. Yum! Once my pawther brought me a whole pig trotter from when the club where he works did a pig roast. Yummy! I hear they are going to do another one soon. I hope I get another pig trotter! But I still want my kibble.

Dairy Queen – Every once in a while I get vanilla soft serve from Dairy Queen. I wish I got Dairy Queen every day! It is so yummy! Julie says it’s not good for me – but she also says it’s not good for her and she always gets some too, so I’m just gonna keep eating it!

So, I’m not an expert on dog nutrition – but I’ve noticed that people don’t eat according to what people say is good people nutrition either – so I don’t know why I should have to eat according to what people say is good dog nutrition!

Oh, and treats. I love treats. All dogs should get lots of treats – especially Zukes. In fact, I haven’t had mine yet today – hey Julie, Rich, I want my hippie treats!

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Sometimes Julie is Pretty Smart (Manditory Spay and Neuter)

June 2, 2007

As some of you may know, there is a law being considered in California that would require pets to be spayed or neutered by the age of 4 months –  AB 1634 “The California Healthy Pets Act”
(SIC).  I’m against it BTW, not that getting spayed wasn’t one of the best days of my life (No more puppies for me!!!!!)  But some bitches actually LIKE having puppies and if they have good people to help them make sure that not only do their puppies go to good homes, but if something happens they find new good homes, there’s nothing wrong with that.  Besides, 4 months is way too young for slow maturing breeds!  As you probably know, I’m a big fan of dogs being useful and humans have historically been really good at helping dogs find mates who have traits that will make puppies who are good workers, even taking us further than we could EVER walk.  (But most dogs should be spayed or neutered, if not immediately, then after a litter or two (if you are having really prime puppies, just think what they could do…  time to be a grandma!  Besides, puppies are tiring, we bitches need a break!)  At any rate, someone on myLot asked what we can do to solve the pet overpopulation problem without requiring spay and neuter and Julie had some pretty good ideas about what people can do that would be better – myLot – Challenge for Animal Lovers…  (she’s the respondent number 7, sorry I couldn’t link directly to it!)  Please check it out and throw in your ideas as well!!

Also, check out Impact of AB 1634 on Working Dogs

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I’m a winner!

October 28, 2006

Today, Julie took Mike and I to Petco for their Halloween costume contest.  We went as St. George (Mike) and the Dragon (me).  There were just under 20 dogs and cats there and Mike and I came in 2nd!!!  Not only did we have a great costume, but part of the judging was based on our owner’s involvement, including introducing us and explaining why we were wearing the costumes we did.  Julie told about how we found my dragon costume at the thrift store (it’s really half of a toddler costume) and that Mike refused to be anything that wasn’t dignified.  I got lots of pets and Mike got a ton of attention too!  Everyone was amazed at how big he is. 

I got to go to the dog park!!!

September 29, 2006

Today started off as pretty boring.  Julie was doing yard work and I had to stay on the leash (because I get bored and go for walks on my own.)  I did get to see our friend Jacob (Jacob gives me bacon when I visit him at work and he’s really nice about sharing his food and otherwise paying me lots of attention.)  He has 2 new kittens and they like dogs but they are too small to really play with, so that wasn’t very exciting.  Then we went to the yard debris recycling place and some other boring errands.  On the way home, Julie asked if I wanted to go to the dog park – I thought she was joking.  But then she actually drove to the dog park!  I got to run around and have fun.  We had the place to ourselves too!  Then right after I took a break to have some water, another dog came and I was rude and sniffed it’s butt too long and then growled at it when it tried to do the same to me so Julie made me leave.  I was tired anyway.

Mike acts too much like a dog!

September 17, 2006

I do like Mike, but sometimes he acts too much like a dog!  I don’t like dogs except occasionally as working partners.  I really don’t like it when dogs sniff my butt!  When Mike sniffs my butt like a dog, it bugs me and I usually end up in trouble…  Even once is too often and he does it a couple times a day!  Plus there are other ways he acts like a dog – he follows our pawrents around the house (actually, that’s ok except that it’s so doglike.)  He comes when he’s called (that’s good too, but it’s suspiciously uncatlike.)  He doesn’t like riding in the car though, so at least I don’t have to worry that he’s a dog in cat clothing!

I have a cat!!!!!

September 13, 2006

Mike really did come home!!!!  I can’t believe it!  I have a cat!  I’m so excited!!!!  He’s pretty friendly to me and has been looking at sharing my bed, but so far has been sharing Julie’s chair.  I love cats!  I love Mike!

 Also, a few days ago this little fuzzy thing came in my house and I herded it out.  It came in again, and I did the same thing.  The third time it came in Julie caught it and put it in a cage.  Apparently it’s a chinchilla.  I don’t know if we are keeping it.  I don’t care, WE HAVE A CAT!!!  Did I mention I’m excited!!!!


September 4, 2006

I love cats.  I have been trying to get my pawrents to get me a cat from the first day I came to live with them.  They have been telling me for two months – ever since the day I met Mike that we are going to get a cat.  So far, we met Mike at the Glisan Petco grand-opening.  Mike sat in his kennel and let me sniff at him but didn’t come hang out with me (but that’s ok, I know cats don’t always believe I’m their friend right away.)  Then we went to the AMAZING Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary and visited Mike and a whole BUNCH of other cats.  Then my pawrents talk about getting a cat all the time. 

Then I find Cleo the kitty lost from her pawrent and she comes home with us – I’m thinking maybe I have a cat sister, but no – my pawrents found Cleo’s pawther.  He seemed happy to see her, BUT I used to have pawrents who lost me and eventually they quit even trying to find me.  They knew that lost dogs end up at the doggie jail – they’d picked me up there before…  But no, they just let me stay there!  And the worst part about the doggie jail is that they have cats there too, but they don’t let you visit them!  No, if you are a dog you have to hang out with the dogs.  I don’t like other dogs.  Cats are much better friends!!!! 

Anyway, I think we should have kept Cleo – my pawrents now don’t lose me – even if I sneak off because I want a walk, they come get me and carry me home.  So I think we should have kept Cleo, because maybe her pawther won’t look for her next time and my pawrents now would look forever if she got lost.  Plus I could sniff for her if she got lost again!

So after Cleo leaves, my pawrents are still talking about Mike.  Then Jack-the-bunny gets a stupid eye infection and my pawrents say we have to wait for him to not be contageous.  (And to add insult to injury, they make ME go to the vet to make sure I don’t have it and let Jack stay home.  I don’t care if he’s older than dirt and hates the car and the vet, it’s still not fair that he only ever has to go to the emergency vet you can walk to and then I have to keep him company in the stroller so he doesn’t get too scared!  Hello, it’s not like I want to go to the vet!

Finally, yesterday we went back to the cat sanctuary.  I got to wander around on the lawn with Mike (of course, I had to wear my leash and Mike got to wander around free – but I guess it IS his house.)  Mike sniffed at me and let me sniff him.  We aren’t friends yet, but he isn’t afraid of me!  I’m sure he’ll be my friend and share my beds and hang out with me!  Yippie!  But did we bring Mike home?  No!  My pawrents and Jennifer – the nice cat lady – say we are going to get Mike, but not til next week or something.  Uh huh, I’ll believe it when I see it!  What’s so hard about getting a cat?  Let’s just get one!