In which I actually post to my blog

Where are the smell buttons here? Oh right, there aren’t any, that’s why I haven’t been posting. I’ve been back in the world of words lately because my brother was stupid and ate stuff he shouldn’t, so he spent a couple days at the vet and a couple more here just sleeping, so I’ve been looking out for Juli, so I thought I’d check in.

As I said last year, I’ve lost almost all my hearing and I’ve got my minion Hero to take care of Juli, so I’m pretty much entirely retired. I don’t deal in words much any more. Mostly, I deal in scents. Ah, scents. If I want to communicate with a person, I go up to them and get their attention by painting on their arm or leg (without paint.) And then wait for them to either sign to me or do what I want or need (usually rub my belly!)

I mostly spend my time napping in my favorite places in the house, getting my family to rub my belly, and wandering around the yard sniffing things. Sometimes I sniff things in the house or on adventures with my family. I have some sort of growth in my pituitary and I’m taking herbs for it, and I feel great. I went to the vet for accupuncture a few weeks ago and he was struck by what a happy dog I am. He’s right. I’m about the happiest dog you’ll see – especially if you are rubbing my belly!

Ok, enough words. Leave me pee mail!

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