My people DO still love me!

I’ve been really grumpy since a few weeks before Hero came to live with us, because I wasn’t hearing all the positive stuff I usually hear from my family.  I thought maybe they didn’t love me anymore or something.  Julie was suspicious that maybe I couldn’t hear, so on Saturday she took me to the vet, and it turns out that my ears aren’t working very well anymore.  So Julie’s been using hand signals with me 100% of the time since Saturday and it turns out, she really does think I’m a good girl!  I’m so much happier!

Lucky for me, at the advice of some people from Dog Scouts, Julie had already learned and taught me a click sign and some other signs (We’ve been working on the sign language badge for over a year, but she’s kinda slow.)

Our new favorite website is the ASL Browser, because Julie likes to talk to me.

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