I’m going to be in a book!

I just found out today that I’m going to be in a children’s book about Dog Scouts – Dog Scouts of America (Dog Heroes) by Shelly Bueche and Chris Puls! There is a picture of Julie and I working on rally obedience at this years Texas Mini-Camp on page 23. Plus lots and lots of my dog and human friends are in the book – including Chris Puls the author and Bear who is pictured on the front cover. The book talks about all the cool stuff we do in Dog Scouts – I can’t wait until it comes out!

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  3. marco Says:

    Congratulations!!! 😉

    Why don’t you create a pet profile on http://www.pet-files.com ? You can publish photos, videos and a lot of info (my profile: http://www.pet-files.com/marco80/mescal). And you can create a slideshow with your photo that you can easily embed into this blog! Hope you appreciate the idea.
    – Marco

  4. Pico Says:

    Hi Marco!

    Thanks! Pet-files looks cool, but I’m already on Dogster (http://www.dogster.com/dogs/325503) and MySpace (http://myspace.com/miss_pico) – with that and my blog, it’s all I can do to keep up right now! (My pawtner and the bunny have been hogging the computer, well, not really the bunny right now.)


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