I finally found out what acupuncture is – and I’m not sure if I like it or not.  Jack was supposed to go for acupuncture (and me with him for moral support) back in January, but then he died instead.  Today I went for acupuncture. It turns out that acupuncture involves a really through physical exam, including lots of painful joint stretches and finding all the sore spots on my back without fixing them like the chiropractor does. Then, they got out these little things called needles that look more like Julie’s embroidery needles than pine needles – but then they pricked me with them like pine needles do. The one on my head felt a little weird but the other ones were unnoticable once they were in. Then I had to sit there for 15 minutes with the needles in me while the doctor and Julie talked about my arthritis and my treatment plan.  Julie pet me though, so it wasn’t bad.  And when it was done, the doctor pressed my sore spots and they barely hurt!  It’s like magic!  I’m tired though.  I have to go back next week, but they will only do the needles, not the exam – that sounds better.

Oh, it turns out that vet clinic is Ben’s old home!  And we got to meet the person who brought him in, ’cause she works there.  She was really excited to hear about him and told Julie all about his early days.  She’s known him since he was a born (he was one of several neglected rabbits at her neighbors) and still cares about him.  That’s really cool!

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