New Water Bowl (Oh, Yeah and Dock Diving)

Today Julie took me to the Clark County Fair across the river in Washington. We went and watched some silly labs jumping into a swimming pool after their toys. It was a demonstration of something called Dock Dogs. Then Julie went and signed some papers and got a wristband (I think a wrist band may be like a human collar, but people don’t seem to wear them as much.) Next thing I know we are walking down to the pool ourselves for something called a training seminar. I like training, so I’m thinking this is pretty good. There were a few other dogs down there and when dogs were barking excitedly, Julie let me bark with them! (I love barking!) So I was having a great time until we went up on the deck, I guess they call it a dock, and I found out I was supposed to jump into the pool. Now I love jumping, but I really don’t like water (except to drink! I love drinking water!) Julie and the coaches finally tricked me into jumping in. No fair! I don’t like swimming! I had a hard time getting out because I tried to get out on the side of the exit ramp (it was closer to where I was.) They tried to get me to jump again, but I ran the other way and down the stairs. Julie came to get me and made me walk to the end of the dock again, but then I got to leave! Afterwards, Julie dried me off really well and put my sweater on (I always want to wear my sweater when I’m wet.)  Then we went and wandered around the fair. Parts of it were really boring, just like shopping, but there were some really cool scents and we walked around a lot. Plus, several people asked to pet me and Julie let them. I love meeting people! Best of all, the sponsors of the Dock Dogs event, Cricket Wireless were giving out water bowls with their name on them, so I have a new water bowl! I love water bowls, water is so yummy! Just don’t make me swim!

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