Duct Tape

My partner is kind of a geek, so I get to go to things like SANS conferences, MCSE boot camp, and various technical meetings. So I pretty much have a grip on geek humor. However, I thought that when people said “You can fix anything with duct tape”, it was just a joke. Now though, I’m not so sure. A couple weeks ago, Julie mended my broken play agility tunnel with duct tape. (It’s a great tunnel – I love it SO much that it’s out in the yard all the time and I wore it out.)

Then, today, I had to go to the vet to have a fast growing wart looked at. First they decide that it will be okay if it’s just left alone until I need my teeth cleaned or something. Next thing I know though, Julie is asking Dr Morgan if it’s okay if she tries the newish human treatment of using Duct Tape to remove the wart. Dr Morgan hadn’t heard about it, but after talking to Julie about it, has decided that I can be a guinea pig. (How can I be a dog and a guinea pig at the same time? I don’t get humans.) BTW Don’t try this at home folks, I think Julie got more warning signs to look for than when I had my TPLO.

So, if Duct Tape can fix my tunnel and possibly fix a wart without my having to have them burned off, maybe it really can do anything!

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  1. Wesley Upchurch Says:

    Duct tape removes warts? Who would have known?

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