Animal Survey (Officially for MySpace, but I blog here!)

Animal Survey (Survey for the Animals of Myspace)
About You…
what type of animal are you?dog
what breed?Cocker Spaniel (American or English? Not sure)
what color fur / feathers?Black and Tan
what color eyes?Brown
when is your birthday?You mean my barkday? December 20, 1999
how old are you?7
how much do you weigh?20-25 lbs
do you have any siblings?a cat Mike and a bunny Ben
do you have to wear silly clothes?they aren’t silly, they are WARM! (or cool in the summer)
do you enjoy wearing said silly clothes?Like I said, they aren’t silly. I love my sweaters when it is cold! I get grumpy if my pawrent make me take them off!
whats your favorite toy?The ball Julie knit for me
do you work Or go to work with your mommy / daddy?Yes, I’m a medical alert dog.
what color harness / collar and leash do you have?Red is my signature color, but I have collars in every color I can convince someone to get me! I love collars!
what color dinner dishes?Usually white with pictures on them
This / That
Petco / PetsmartBoth!
Iams / Science DietScience Diet – esp T/D I love toothy food!
tug of war / fetchtug of war!!!!
ocean / lakewhichever one I can stay on the beach
car ride / walkohhh, that’s SO hard, I don’t know!
dog park / playing alone with your familymy family!
your own doggy bed / mommy or daddys bedthe big bed we all share! (but sometimes I want to be in my own bed)
tv on / off when your mommy or daddy leave you alonedon’t care
pig ears / hoovesneither, but I got a whole pig trotter once! Wow! That’s yummy!
biscuits / bonestoothy food


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