Back In The Stroller Again and New Training Stuff

Because the moles I had removed were all around my neck, I can’t wear a collar or a harness. It’s really weird being naked! I keep getting in trouble with Julie for scratching at the itchy healing spots too and Julie won’t let me out of her sight, ’cause she knows I’ll just scratch. (Maybe now she has an idea of how I worry about her when she gets out of my sight.)

At any rate, Julie wanted to go to Hillsboro because someone she knows from the Dog Scouts email list was going to be at a dog show there. I guess it was an AKC educational show. But she knew I’d scratch if she left me at home. Besides, she shouldn’t be without me for a whole afternoon – she can’t predict that she’ll be okay for that long! So, she took me and my stroller / dog wheelchair. It would have been better to walk, but at least in the stroller all the puppies ignored me!

I did get to get out of the stroller for a little while, they had a “confidence course” for dogs. The other dogs were going through on leash, but they said I could go off leash if I wouldn’t run away. At any rate, it was some agility stuff. They had jumps and 2 tunnels (I love the tunnels!) and an A-frame and a ladder. I’d never been on an A-frame before and I wasn’t very good at it… It’s kind of scary. I tried to cheat on the jumps too. But I had fun. They gave Julie a ribbon that says “I SHOWED MY DOG AT AN AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB EDUCATION MATCH.” I don’t know why I don’t get a ribbon, I did all the work. Julie says I can put it in my scrapbook, so I guess that’s okay.

We’ve actually been doing some agility stuff at home this week too. I thought we only had the tunnel that Jack and I played in last summer – which wore out. But it turns out that we also had a jump and something called weave poles. Julie got them out to give me something to do since I can’t go for walks. I knew about jumps, but I’d never seen weave poles before. All I can say is it’s a pretty fun way to earn treats! However, I’m not moving after I get through the weave poles until I get a treat! Julie says I’m going to have to learn to keep going, but I’m not so sure about that one!

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