I had moles removed again.

I had moles removed again yesterday. Usually they just burn them off, but for some reason this time they cut one out and I have staples – something about it being stuck to the skin. I heard Julie and my vet talking about this, but I didn’t really know what they were talking about, only that they were awful interested in that one mole during my annual exam. I don’t know why – some of the others were really itchy, that one didn’t bother me at all. At any rate, pretty much all my moles are gone, especially the itchy ones and the ones on my neck they nicked last time I was at the groomer. Unfortunately, I’m not allowed to wear a collar because it irritates the spots they removed the moles on my neck. I love collars and I usually wear at least 2, so it’s really weird not being able to wear a collar!

At any rate, Julie got some video of me earlier today and turned it into a post on one of her blogs to help humans learn dog body language and know when we are grumpy and when we are happy.

Check it out:Understanding Dog Body Language for a Well Behaved Dog: Is this a relaxed or stressed dog?

BTW, I like staples, they are cool, kinda like the earrings my humans wear.  I had one in my nose once and I was really bummed when they took it out.

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