Barking! (and the less fun not barking.)

I’ve heard several dogs or owners asking about learning not to bark lately, so I decided that I should write something about this.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE to bark.  I’m only allowed to bark at home and only for a little while.  My people trained me (and with the neighbor’s permission are training the dogs next door who like to bark at me) not to bark by giving me treats and telling me what a good dog I am right when I’m about to bark and I’m not supposed to. And telling me “Too bad” and putting away the treats if I started barking. I used to get lots of treats that way!  Now I know not to bark most of the time and I have to do other things to get treats.  There are always new ways to earn treats in our house.  Of course, there is always my old favorite of looking pathetically at my Pawther when he’s eating and my partner is looking the other way.  It works really really good!  Yesterday I got to try something called “pad thai”  Yum!

It also helps if your people learn to tell you when it is okay to bark.  We have three signals for barking – one is “speak” (bark loud), one is “sing” (bark quieter), and one is “Where’s Rich?” when I do my special “RRRRch, RRRRch” bark for my pawther.  So, not only do I get to bark, sometimes I even get treats for it – and I always get praise or pats! 

If you have trouble with people coming to the door, your family might want to get someone to come and stand and the door and practice with you.  I hear that works really good so you can learn fast.  My favorite time to bark is when any other dog barks.  I really, really, really want to be the second dog to bark!  But I know better now (although when I’m taking a break at the dog park, sometimes I can’t help myself!)

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