Doggie Dash!

On Saturday, I get to go to the Oregon Humane Society Doggie Dash!  A walk and good sniffing – yippie!  Oh, and I’d love some donations – I have arthritis and had double knee surgery last year and I’m walking – that should be good for some extra donations folks! (Yeah, right, we all know I love walking, but still the humane society could definately use the money!)

We’ve been going for lots of good walks lately.  Today, we went to the vet, but it turned out we were only going in to get wormy pills (Yummy worm preventative, sadly I only get one a month because they taste really, really good!)  And then we immediately went to the dog park on the next block!  That’s what I call a good trip to the vet!  I have a great vet, but really, the dog park is MUCH better!

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