Jack the Bunny and Snow

Jack, my bunny brother, isn’t doing very well lately. A week ago last Monday, he couldn’t get up on his back legs. He didn’t seem too concerned just frustrated, but Julie and Rich were really worried. Julie and I took him in to see Dr Dahlquist, the bunny vet, on Tuesday. They spent a lot of time looking at him and trimmed off some of his muddy matted fur (he likes to roll in the mud.) They gave him some bunny NSAIDS (I guess it’s kind of like the Rimadyl I take when my arthritis bothers me) and said he had something wrong with his back. The vet suggested Julie take him to see Dr. Mary again, and if chiropractic didn’t help try something called acupuncture. Jack was feeling better after the NSAID kicked in. Then on Thursday we took him to see Dr. Mary. That helped – he was wobbly but he was actually walking not just hopping. Jack broke his leg before I knew him and he only walks on his good days, mostly he prefers to hop. It’s kind of like me, when my arthritis is bothering me, I like to run so I can use my back legs together, but when I don’t hurt I use my back legs separately. Of course, Jack is a bunny and hopping is their main way of getting around anyway.

Today though, Jack can’t use his back legs again. Julie called Dr Dahlquist and got Jack more NSAIDS, but it hasn’t helped as much, he’s still pretty much just dragging his back legs. I guess I’ll be finding out what this acupuncture stuff is, because Jack is really nervous in the car and at the vet, so it’s my job to go with him and be calm so he knows he has nothing to worry about. He was pretty nervous, but Julie says he is even more nervous when I’m not there!

The really sad thing is that Jack LOVES snow (silly bunny) and we got a very rare several inches of snow today and he can’t enjoy it. Speaking of snow, I hope we get to go back to the dog park soon, we were there Saturday and Sunday when there was also a little snow on the ground and I really like how the dog park smells with snow! It’s really the only good thing about snow. Actually, snow is better than rain, cause you don’t get as wet.

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