Flu and other non-fun parts of being a service dog

Julie had the flu for the last week and a half of December.  I thought when you had the flu, you went to the vet and got subcutanious fluids until you felt better; but Julie just stayed at home and wouldn’t go to the human vet.  I was really worried about her.  Most of the time I stayed right next to her at all times, not even wanting to take a dinner or bathroom break even when Julie told me to.  At one point though, she was so sick that I went and sat in the hall where I could watch the doors for potential help and keep an ear on Julie.  If only I could reach the lever on the front door, I would have gone looking for help.  (Rich wasn’t home.)  Julie said she’d talked to the nurse and she was not so sick that she had to go see the doctor, but I disagreed!

At any rate, it was no fun for either of us.  She’s finally better now though. 

Of course, having a healthy partner isn’t all fun and games.  Since we’d missed Christmas, we went to visit Julie’s family for New Year’s weekend.  (Also we needed to go to the Tillamook Farmer’s Co-Op since after all the stress I got a yeast infection in my ear and they sell yummy Probiocin, lactobacilli for animals, which wipes out the nasties in my ear really fast.)  We went letterboxing on Saturday and the stairs to the observation tower at Barview Jetty were unlocked.  Julie decided to climb up to the top of it.  This is a 4 story tower with metal grate stairs – talk about scary!  (Julie did have my leash attached to my harness and herself, so I was safe, but looking down the through the stairs – not my idea of fun!)  She actually let me wait for her half-way up the last flight of stairs, but it still wasn’t much fun!  But that’s my job, and I certainly wouldn’t have let her go up there without me!

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