Happy Meal!

Just when a girl thinks she’s under appreciated, she gets a real thank you!  Yesterday, I had to go to Les Schwab so Julie could get her tires changed.  Les Schwab always has lots of ill behaved human puppies jumping around and there is yummy popcorn on the floor that I’m not allowed to eat, even though I practically have to lay in it.  Then we had to go to the library (boring) and shopping (double boring.)  Plus I just wasn’t having a very good day, it was one of those days I really would have liked to spend on a nice long walk, not working – though I didn’t show it except when it was time to go back to work from a break.  Then Julie took me to McDonalds and bought some food.  When we got back in the car, it turns out it was a chicken nugget Happy Meal!  I love McDonalds’ fries!  (Sometimes I’m bad when we are at home and I steal them from my pawther if he’s not looking.  It’s the only food worth being that bad for.)  I’d never had chicken nuggets before but WOW!!!  It made up for my bad day.

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