A Very Hard Day

Today started out pretty easy.  Julie was working from home and having a good day, so I pretty much got to hang out and doze at home.  However, early in the afternoon, we went out and everything started to change.  We went to a park I’d never been to before to go letterboxing and that was pretty good, since I was allowed to sniff around.  I was glad to get back in the car though, since it was cold and windy.  I wouldn’t have been if I’d know where we were going though.  Mike needed his cat license renewed, so Julie made me go with her to animal control.  I can tell an animal shelter from far away and they make me really, really nervous.  Before I found Julie, I was a shelter frequent flyer and I’m always afraid they’ll make me go back.  Julie has been working with me to be comfortable at shelters, last week we went to the store at the Humane Society to buy really yummy treats and then sat there for a while while I got treats.  And today, as soon as we went into the shelter, Julie started giving me good treats.  But I was sure happy when we left, except that as soon as we got to the car, Julie realized that she’d locked her keys in the car, so we had to go back into the shelter and wait for AAA.  I had to spend almost an hour at the shelter!  I was really good though and was able to focus on Julie the whole time we were there.  In the past, I’ve had trouble putting aside my fear enough to focus on anything, let alone work when at the shelter, so I’m really improving.  I overheard one of the shelter workers tell Julie that it’s not unusual to be nervous at the shelter, so that made me feel better.

After we finally left the shelter, we had to go shopping.  Shopping is about the most boring thing on earth!  I’ll go anywhere for Julie, but I do hate shopping.  I guess I hide it well, because strangers are always surprised when Julie tells them that, but I really don’t understand why Julie doesn’t just order everything online so we don’t have to go shopping!

When we finally got home, Julie and Rich decided to go out to dinner.  Normally, this is fine – although I’m not allowed to sniff at things, I can hold my nose in the air and smell and boy do restaurants smell good!  However, tonight, they decided to go to Chang’s Mongolian Grill.  Chang’s has a buffet line where the people pick out their food and then the chefs cook it.  There are always a lot of raw meat and veggies on the floor that I have to ignore.  That’s not the problem though.  The problem is that the particular Chang’s we go to most of the time has this really narrow aisle next to the buffet and there is a vent with a loose cover that can fall out a little bit and snag my pack so I’m stuck.  (How do I know this?  Experience.)  I can see Julie looking out for me to make sure that I’m okay, but I’m still worried that it will happen again.  After being stuck at the shelter, I really would have preferred to go somewhere safer for dinner!  On the other hand, the good thing about going to Chang’s is that if I’m good, Julie and Rich give me their fortune cookies when we get back to the car.  I do like fortune cookies!  And Julie told me that she was very proud of me for behaving so well today in such hard situations – not proud enough to overlook my being mean to the cat when we got home though…


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