Half-Weird Nose

Half my nose has been dry and crusty for almost 2 weeks.  (The other half is a normal wet dog nose.)  I keep having to get Julie to unclog it for me.  Unfortunately, she insists on using her fingers, not licking it out like a normal animal.  Anyway, Julie took me to the vet today.   We went to my regular vet clinic, but this time I saw Dr. Maun, who I hadn’t met yet.  Now I’ve seen all the vets there, I guess I’m collecting vets.  Dr. Maun is Jack-the-bunny’s vet – not that Julie ever makes him go.  Dr. Maun was nice, I don’t know why Jack is such a baby about going to the vet that he gets so nervous he gets sick. 

At any rate, I have antibiotics and cream for my nose.  The cream is already making my nose feel more normal.  The great thing about getting antibiotics is that I get them in yogurt – yum!  I also got extra copies of my rabies certificate and dropped off my health certificate for Dog Scout Camp.  Less than a month to go!!!

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