I got to go to the dog park!!!

Today started off as pretty boring.  Julie was doing yard work and I had to stay on the leash (because I get bored and go for walks on my own.)  I did get to see our friend Jacob (Jacob gives me bacon when I visit him at work and he’s really nice about sharing his food and otherwise paying me lots of attention.)  He has 2 new kittens and they like dogs but they are too small to really play with, so that wasn’t very exciting.  Then we went to the yard debris recycling place and some other boring errands.  On the way home, Julie asked if I wanted to go to the dog park – I thought she was joking.  But then she actually drove to the dog park!  I got to run around and have fun.  We had the place to ourselves too!  Then right after I took a break to have some water, another dog came and I was rude and sniffed it’s butt too long and then growled at it when it tried to do the same to me so Julie made me leave.  I was tired anyway.

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