A challenging day

Today, for the first time, I went to the beauty salon.  The beauty salon is like the groomer for people.  I had to sit in the corner and wait while Julie got her ponytail cut off to donate to Locks of Love, and then I sat at Julie’s feet while she got her hair washed. (How come _I_ have to put my whole body in the water at the groomer and Julie only has to get part of her head wet?)  Then I went back and sat really patiently for a long time while Julie got her hair cut.   It was over an hour!  Julie says I was really, really, really good!  Julie looks really different, she always had hair in a braid that looked like a pull toy – now it’s shorter than my ears!

The salon was at Lloyd Center, and Julie took me to a really nice little park-like area next to the Sears pick up door to sniff around.  Then we walked around the mall.  We met a nice woman whose daughter has a home help dog that is sick and was interested in finding out how to get a new service dog (the home help dog was originally her pet and just decided to pitch in – kinda like me!)  Then we saw a woman with a dog in a rolled carrier.  The dog jumped out and came and very rudely sniffed my butt and wouldn’t stop.  (Did I mention I HATE that?!?)   I was very good -Julie could feel my vocal cords vibrating like I was growling, but I didn’t make a sound and just walked off with Julie.  We stopped a little further up and she pet me and told me how good I’d been.

Then we went and looked at the bookstore – BORING!!!  Finally we went back to the car and headed home!

 Also tonight, we went for a walk and took the chinchilla in a box.  I thought that was really weird!  But it turned out that we’d found her pawrents and we took her home.  They were all so happy to see her!  She lives next to the park, so I got to run around the park a little!

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