I love cats.  I have been trying to get my pawrents to get me a cat from the first day I came to live with them.  They have been telling me for two months – ever since the day I met Mike that we are going to get a cat.  So far, we met Mike at the Glisan Petco grand-opening.  Mike sat in his kennel and let me sniff at him but didn’t come hang out with me (but that’s ok, I know cats don’t always believe I’m their friend right away.)  Then we went to the AMAZING Chapple Hill Cat Sanctuary and visited Mike and a whole BUNCH of other cats.  Then my pawrents talk about getting a cat all the time. 

Then I find Cleo the kitty lost from her pawrent and she comes home with us – I’m thinking maybe I have a cat sister, but no – my pawrents found Cleo’s pawther.  He seemed happy to see her, BUT I used to have pawrents who lost me and eventually they quit even trying to find me.  They knew that lost dogs end up at the doggie jail – they’d picked me up there before…  But no, they just let me stay there!  And the worst part about the doggie jail is that they have cats there too, but they don’t let you visit them!  No, if you are a dog you have to hang out with the dogs.  I don’t like other dogs.  Cats are much better friends!!!! 

Anyway, I think we should have kept Cleo – my pawrents now don’t lose me – even if I sneak off because I want a walk, they come get me and carry me home.  So I think we should have kept Cleo, because maybe her pawther won’t look for her next time and my pawrents now would look forever if she got lost.  Plus I could sniff for her if she got lost again!

So after Cleo leaves, my pawrents are still talking about Mike.  Then Jack-the-bunny gets a stupid eye infection and my pawrents say we have to wait for him to not be contageous.  (And to add insult to injury, they make ME go to the vet to make sure I don’t have it and let Jack stay home.  I don’t care if he’s older than dirt and hates the car and the vet, it’s still not fair that he only ever has to go to the emergency vet you can walk to and then I have to keep him company in the stroller so he doesn’t get too scared!  Hello, it’s not like I want to go to the vet!

Finally, yesterday we went back to the cat sanctuary.  I got to wander around on the lawn with Mike (of course, I had to wear my leash and Mike got to wander around free – but I guess it IS his house.)  Mike sniffed at me and let me sniff him.  We aren’t friends yet, but he isn’t afraid of me!  I’m sure he’ll be my friend and share my beds and hang out with me!  Yippie!  But did we bring Mike home?  No!  My pawrents and Jennifer – the nice cat lady – say we are going to get Mike, but not til next week or something.  Uh huh, I’ll believe it when I see it!  What’s so hard about getting a cat?  Let’s just get one!

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