I get to go volkswalking!

Yesterday, after Hebrew class, we drove toward Julie’s mom’s house.  Instead of going to her house though, we went to a volkswalk start point.  I knew it was a volkswalk start point because they have a special smell.  I couldn’t believe we were really going to actually go on a walk!  Especially a volkswalk, which is nice and long.  We waited around for a while, and I started to figure that Julie was just teasing me or something.  Then Julie’s mom came and we got in her car and drove a little ways.  I still didn’t know what was going on, because Julie usually puts my pack on when we go volkswalking, but instead, she put on my floatation vest. 


We parked and started walking on the beach toward the water.  We stopped right away at what seemed like a volkswalk check point except they were missing the dog water bowl (I’d just had some water, so that was ok.)  Then we walked into the water – not far enough that I had to swim (I hate swimming!), but far enough that my vest helped lift me.  The cool water felt really good.  Julie let me run in the water!  And we walked down along the shore for a nice long time!  It was so great!  Apparently this was a volks-swim, not a volkswalk.  Either way, except for the one time where I had to swim a few strokes, it was fabulous!  I even felt good enough to try to chase birds.  I still feel good today – though I am really tired.  And Julie has to keep reminding me not to run – but for the first time since before I came to live with Julie, I’m able to run using both my back legs seperately and I need to practice!  (I’ve been using the 2 back legs together to reduce the strain for so long, I’m uncoordinated when I run normally.)

It’s been a good week in general, last week I was cleared to start short walks (up to 10 minutes), and Julie has been taking me to class without the stroller and letting me walk to class.  She’s been taking me on most of her errands too!

Plus to make it an even better weekend, when I got back from the coast today, I saw that Jack-the-Bunny had dug the plants out of my favorite dirt spot for me!

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