Hippie Treats!!!

The UPS guy came this evening, and I figured it was just another book for Julie or something boring like that – but Julie told me to look as she opened the box.  And it was 5 big bags of my favorite treat – Zuke's Peanut Butter Hip Action – or as I call them Hippie Treats!  Five Bags!  That's better than my barkday and Christmas combined! 

The best thing about having Patellar Luxation, is that ever since the vet took x-rays and saw the arthritis in my knees, I get 2 Hippie Treats a day (I used to only get one.)  When I don't get at least one Hippie Treat a day, the arthritis in my knees really bothers me and I can't jump up on the bed or get in the car by myself.  When I get Hippie Treats, the arthritis doesn't bother me at all.  And they are so YUMMY!  I'll do almost anything for Hippie Treats.

Zuke's makes other yummy stuff too.  I like the Mini Naturals and Power Bones too.  And even the Beef Hippie Treats are yummy.  But Peanut Butter Hippie Treats are my very favorite!  I've even almost learned to say "treat" to get one – I just can't quite get that first T.

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