Back to the Chiropractor!

Last night I actually got to go out!  I got to go to PetSmart (unlike regular stores, I'm allowed to sniff around at Petco and PetSmart.  Heavenly!) and two people stores.  I don't usually like to go shopping, but it was so good to be allowed to work!  (Plus, we didn't shop very long so I wouldn't have to walk much.)

Then today, I went to see Dr. Mandeville again.  She did some adjustments on my neck that she said were probably caused by my bad tooth and then adjusted the rest of my back again.  I felt great this morning anyway, but now I feel even better!  I'm not 100% though – it's hot out, and so I wanted to lay in my favorite patch of dirt and was disgusted to find grass growing there.  I tried to uproot it with my front paws, but I couldn't get it all, so I tried to use my rear paws, to kick it out, and it didn't feel right so I gave up.  Hopefully one of my humans or Jack-the-bunny will help me later.

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