Another Veterinary Appointment

Today I went to see my regular vet, Dr. Morgan, for my annual exam; I also got medicine for my ear infection (and I'm supposed to keep taking probiotics, yum!)  I was bad and nipped her when she was looking at the tooth below the sore spot on my gum.  Well, it hurt!  I was really good up until then – I let the tech take my temperature, I let Dr. Morgan look at my ears, I got my shot, I let her feel my leg, but even with the post-surgery narcotics, touching that part of my mouth really hurts!  I'm going to have it x-rayed week after next when I have my stitches taken out, and if it's rotten I'm going to have it taken out.  I hope they fix it, because it bothers me more than either of my legs!  Of course, when I first came to live with Julie, all my teeth hurt.  But Dr. Morgan fixed all my other ones already.

My legs feel really good (Julie says "too good" and keeps yelling at me for going up and down steps and running.)  I've figured out how to get up steps using only my right rear leg.  Dr. Morgan was surprised by how much muscle I have in my right leg (the one I had surgery on last month.)  I am still sleeping a lot though – well, I'm a dog, I always sleep a lot, but I've been sleeping more than usual ever since my first surgery.

This evening, Julie left me in the car at a neighborhood strip mall.  She came back a few minutes later with 2 ice cream cones, one for her and one for me!  I got a whole ice cream cone to myself!  And it was vanilla!

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