Feeling Great

It's only the second day after surgery, and I'm feeling great!  (Julie says too great and has threatened to take off the patch of pain medication.)  I'm putting a little weight on my fixed leg, and I'm using it to scratch – although I am being a little tentative in scratching.  I was even trying to run, but Julie stopped me.  What can I say, I'm a double south-paw, I can't not use one of my left feet! 

I even got to go out for dessert last night with my aunt Koda's pawents – of course, Julie carried me for all but about 8 steps.  But I still got to work!  I love to work, and I really hate it when Julie makes me take a break.  Best of all, Aunt Koda, who is a big useless lab that doesn't work, doesn't even know how to hunt, and is always playing around with balls even though I tell her not to, had to stay home.

 Julie thinks that she's tricking me into taking my antibiotics by dropping a spoonful of yogurt on the kitchen floor and then dropping my pill on top.  I just don't mind taking the pill and I LOVE YOGURT! Yum!

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