Back from Surgery

I had my second knee surgery yesterday at Veterinary Referral Center of Portland.  This surgery was better than the first one (which I had May 11th), because Julie already knew all about how to take care of me and didn’t have to meet with Dr. Munjar, so I got to come home first thing in the morning.  I still didn’t like being separated from Julie – what if she needs me!?!  Both times I had a TPLO (Tibial Plateau Leveling Osteotomy) to correct Patellar Luxation, this time they did my left knee.  I’m getting around so much better than I could after my last surgery, now that I have three good legs.  (I know, I know, my right leg still needs to heal and I’m not supposed to be using it much, but it feels just fine to me!)  Another thing that’s better this time, I have my Ruffwear harness, so I can be lifted up and down from the bed and into the yard comfortably.  And, I heard Julie say that this time I have 2 extra days of Rimadyl – that’s good because last time when I ran out of Rimadyl, I had to take extra codine for 2 days, ’cause I hurt otherwise.  I don’t mind the codine (though the Rimadyl tastes better!), but I kept getting in trouble because it made me feel so good I forgot that I’m not allowed to jump off the bed or run down the hall… 

 I heard Julie and Keelie, the vet tech, talking and it turns out that my yucky right ear is called a yeast infection.  I don’t remember, but Keelie said that she cleaned my ear while I was anesthetized like Julie asked and even knocked out she could tell I didn’t like my ear being cleaned because my heart rate went up and I started panting.  Good to know I’m consistant – I hate it when I’m awake too!  But, I am really good and let Julie clean it anyway.  The good news is that Julie has a plan for taking care of my ear, and among other things it involves me eating lots of yogurt (I LOVE YOGURT!) and the yummy Probiocin (Lactobacilli) I stole from my Aunt Koda last weekend. 

I have to go now, Julie’s going to ice my knee again (feels SO good!), while take another nap.

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