Spa Day!

I have my second knee surgery tomorrow.  Julie said I had better get clean since I won't be up to bathing for a while afterwards.  Usually I have to have a bath in the laundry sink, and I hate it!  But today, Julie took me in the shower with her.  It was like a nice warm rain.  It was so much better than a bath!  I hope I never have to take a bath again!  I am definately a shower girl!  Plus unlike the laundry room, the bathroom has a heater.  Then Julie did the nails on my front feet with our new dremel tool.  It's not great, but at least it's fast!  Julie also trimmed the hair out from between my toes and cleaned my yucky ear.  (Being on antibiotics from my first surgery made my ear get all yucky!)  And I got a really good brushing!  A massage would be good though….

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