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Pico in her stroller 2

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Yesterday Julie and Rich walked over to Target and since I'm not supposed to walk that far yet, they took me in my stroller (aka dog wheelchair.) I'd really rather walk, but the stroller does have some advantages. Ever since I figured out that if I put my paws on the front lip, I have an unobstructed view, I'm OK with riding in it – although I can't resist trying to jump out at least once per trip. Julie keeps a tight leash on my Ruff-Ware harness so I don't though. The stroller does have some advantages – I get to go places and I can still work from in the stroller. The best thing is, if I can get someone to role me up to one of the pee-mail posts, I can sniff the special just for big dog messages! Unfortunately, being the nasally-disabled creatures that they are, my humans are really bad at finding the pee-mail posts for me. You'd think they'd at least know where the ones in our neighborhood are by now, since I always take them by to pick up my messages, but they don't seem to or don't think it's important. I guess that's just another of the mysteries of the human mind.

Speaking of human mysteries – lots of people stare at us when I go out in the stroller. You'd think they'd never seen a (temporarily) disabled dog before. I'm used to people staring because they aren't used to service dogs, especially small service dogs, but the stroller makes it even worse. Don't human's know how RUDE it is to stare? I hear moms telling their kids not to stare, so you'd think so, but they all do it. I just don't get it!

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