Hello World[1]!

This morning my friend Rich asked my partner Julie, "Pico has a blog?" and I said "Woof" (my yes woof), so I though I'd better get Julie to write something for me (I type but the keys are a little small, and sometimes I accidently pull the key covers off.)

A little about me, I'm a medic alert dog; so I get to go everywhere Julie goes – except lately – I had knee surgery 3 weeks ago.  I'm not supposed to be walking around much and so sometimes I have to wait in the car and sometimes I have to ride in my wheelchair.   I'm a Dog Scout and I also have earned my Pack Dog title.  I'll get Julie to post my trading card later, so everyone can read about my hobbies and accomplishments.

[1] My partner works in IT, so I get the joke.


3 Responses to “Hello World[1]!”

  1. chefcat Says:

    hmmm,,,,Pico,,,just your friend? I thought we were closer than that,,,,,,,but yes, I’m certainly your friend, and I “Woof” you muchly!!!!

  2. misspico Says:

    RRRRich! RRRRich! RRRich! [Sorry everyone but I get excited when I see Rich and have to bark his name a bunch of times.] I woof you too! How would you like me to explain our relationship? People keep calling Julie my mom, which I guess would make you my dad; but I take care of you guys!

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    […] SANS conferences, MCSE boot camp, and various technical meetings. So I pretty much have a grip on geek humor. However, I thought that when people said “You can fix anything with duct tape”, it was […]

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